June 15, 2024

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Iraq | The PM’s house was targeted by a “trapped drone”.

(Baghdad) Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qasimi has called for a “quiet” escape from a “failed assassination attempt” by a “trapped drone” targeting his home in Baghdad from Saturday to Sunday night. In crisis in Iraq.

Ammar Kareem
France Media Company

The United States immediately condemned the “open act of terrorism” against the “heart of the Iraqi state.”

Mr. who will be in power from May 2020. It was the first attack on Qasim’s home. This comes as the parties are in talks to form parliamentary alliances based on the preliminary results of the October 10 election.

The Conquest Alliance, the political spectacle of Hasht al-Safi, an influential coalition of former pro-Iranian paramilitaries, saw the number of its seats melt at the end of the referendum and condemned the election “fraud.” Some Hussein supporters have accused Mr Qasimi of being an “accomplice” in the “corruption”.

Located in the Green Zone, Mr. The attack on Qasimi’s home was not immediately claimed. According to security sources, “two bodyguards were injured”, without knowing the severity of their injuries.

On Twitter, Mustafa al-Qasimi called for “peace and restraint for the good of Iraq.”

“My apartment was the target of a cowardly attack. God forbid, I and my co-workers are fine, ”he said in a short video, where he was seen sitting at a desk, wearing a white shirt. “Cowardly missiles and drones do not make nations.”

According to his office, the “failed assassination attempt” was carried out using a “trapped drone”.

Two security sources told the AFP that a “rocket” had fallen on the house of Moustaba al-Qasimi in the ultra-protected perimeter green zone in the center of the Iraqi capital, where the US embassy and government buildings are located.

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In photos distributed by his office, we could see material damage: a wooden door lay, rubble scattered on the floor and exterior stairs damaged.

“I am just happy to be free. We strongly condemn this heinous act of terrorism and have targeted the heart of the Iraqi government, “said State Department spokesman Netflix Washington.

“We are in close contact with the Iraqi security forces responsible for upholding the sovereignty and independence of Iraq and are assisting in the investigation into this attack,” he added.

Security sources said that after the attack, a large number of security forces were deployed inside and around the Green Zone.

Attacks against the Green Zone are recurring, and they have targeted the U.S. embassy in the past.

Election defeat

Sunday’s attack comes as Iraq passes by strong political tensions over the October 10 early parliamentary elections.

Hasht al-Safi, an influential coalition of former pro-Iranian paramilitaries, is competing fiercely in the election results. The Conquest Alliance, its political spectacle, has distorted the number of its seats in parliament, as early results show.

Supporters of Hasht al-Safi staged two sit-ins at two different entrances to the Green Zone in protest of the election.

Hundreds of people clashed with security forces near Green Zone on Friday. According to a security source, a protester was killed, while a source in Hussein al-Sabi spoke of “two deaths.”

On Friday, Ghais al-Qassali, the leader of Assayb Ahl al-Haq, one of Hasht al-Sabee’s main pro-Iranian groups, warned against any attempt by intelligence-linked actors to bomb the Green Zone. Resistance.

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Hussein is now integrated into the Iraqi government, with some Iraqis accusing Iran of being a relay. They blame him for the massacres and kidnappings of anti-power activists that erupted in October 2019.

Despite losing the election during the legislative elections, Hussein remains an important political force in parliament, thanks to the coalition and the co-operation of independently elected representatives.

According to more preliminary results, Chhattisgarh, led by influential Shiite leader Mokhta Sadr, won first place in the current assembly election, winning more than 70 of the 329 seats in parliament.

The final results of the referendum should be released in a few weeks.