June 15, 2024

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Migration play on the channel | Boris Johnson has called on France to repatriate cross-border immigrants

After the shock of the worst immigration tragedy on the (Gallis) channel, Paris and London seemed to want to overcome their differences, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday asking France to withdraw illegal immigrants from the UK. The beaches are French.

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The 27 migrants who tried to reach the UK on Wednesday evening died in the sinking of their boat, the worst migration drama since facing the growing lockout of the French port of Calais (north) after an increase in channel crossings in 2018. France) and the railway tunnel, until then used.

Boris Johnson has asked French President Emmanuel Macron to withdraw all immigrants from France to the UK if Paris and London seem to want to silence their differences and improve their co-operation.

“I propose to put in place a bilateral restructuring agreement to allow the return of all illegal immigrants crossing the channel,” the British leader wrote in a letter on Twitter, citing similar agreements concluded by the EU with Belarus or Russia.

According to him, such action would have “immediate effect and significantly reduce – or stop – pass”.

“France is a transportation country and we are fighting against these networks of smugglers who use misery, but for that we need to enhance European cooperation,” Zagreb pleaded before the visiting French president.

Appearing on the same wavelength, British Home Secretary Priti Patel called for a “concerted international effort” in the presence of British MPs.

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Therefore, France has invited “a meeting of the Ministers in charge of Belgian, German, Dutch and British Immigration and the European Commission” at the Calais on Sunday.

French Prime Minister Jean Costex explained the services that the meeting should make possible by defining ways and means to strengthen police, judicial and humanitarian cooperation to “fight better against trafficking networks”.

The relationship between Paris and London is so strained that it will make some viewers skeptical of what is usually shown.

“They have to work together. But when relationships are so bad, can he always do it with the risk of saying one is not enough?” Asks John Springford, an expert at the European Reform Center (CER) in London.

The issue of crossings, which continues to provoke bilateral tensions, is a subtle one for the British Conservative government, which has turned the anti-immigration struggle in the wake of Brexit into its hobby.

In a statement issued on Thursday evening after talks between Priti Patel and her French envoy Gerald Dorman, the British Home Office said it had “offered France a clear opportunity in terms of cooperation.” […] And joint patrols to prevent these dangerous missions ”.

For sovereign reasons, France has so far always rejected this plan for a joint patrol put forward by Boris Johnson.

Nothing in that place underestimated the determination of immigrants like Emmanuel D’Mulba. “It’s depressing, I’m scared, but I’ll continue,” the Liberier admits to AFP, waiting in line at the port of Calais: “This is my dream.”

“Kurds, Iranians and Afghans”

The play took place on a “long boat”, a fragile inflatable boat with a flexible bottom, which increased the use of hijackers from the summer. A source close to the matter said the boat had left Dunkirk (north).

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The victims included 17 men, seven women and three youths, Lilly (North)’s attorney said.

Two of the survivors, an Iraqi and a Somali, were in “severe heat yesterday” but “a little better today”, Gerald Dorman said on Thursday.

About 200 people, mainly activists and some deportees, gathered at the college on Thursday evening to pay tribute to the victims.

The circumstances of the tragedy have not yet been clarified, but Mohamed, a 22-year-old Syrian, told AFP he was with them: “They were with me in college three days ago.”

“They were Iraqi Kurds, Iranians and Afghans. We lived in camps, on the streets, and even slept at the Kalles train station. Three days ago, the group told us: ‘We’re going to England,'” he says, surrounded by several comrades nodding.

The ruins will be inspected to clarify the reasons for the sinking and five people have been arrested on suspicion of being kidnappers, Mr said. Said Dharman.

France has opened an investigation into “irregular entry and stay in an organized group”, “murder and voluntary injuries” and “criminal association”.

“1 toThere is In January, we arrested 1,500 kidnappers, ”he said. Dharman promised on Thursday. Especially smugglers who use “encrypted phones” to operate as “mafia organizations” that come under “organized crime”.

As of November 20, 31,500 migrants have fled the coast and 7,800 have been rescued. Prior to this sinking, three people had died and four were missing since January.