June 17, 2024

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Most U.S. employees must be vaccinated by Jan. 4

The administration of President Joe Biden announced Thursday that tens of thousands of U.S. workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4, or they will be subjected to routine tests.

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The vaccination duty on employees of companies with more than 100 individuals, workers in the medical world and contractors of federal agencies is one of the most serious measures taken by the US government in an effort to prevent the outbreak. Economic recovery.

“January 4, 2022 has the same standard deadline for all three types,” a senior U.S. official said Thursday, adding that employees should have their last dose of the vaccine or start testing at least once a week.

In a speech to the White House in September, President Biden unveiled measures that are expected to affect two-thirds of the country’s workforce. According to him, the opportunity to screw up the corona virus for millions of Americans who refuse to “turn the page” and get vaccinated.

Many companies, including meat company Tyson Foods or airline United Airlines, had already prepared the field by imposing these obligations on their employees from the end of September.

Most recently, several U.S. media outlets reported that automaker Ford should vaccinate its 32,000 employees by December 8.

But in a country with individual liberties, the move raises a cry in Republican opposition, which condemns “dictatorship.”

“The thing is, vaccine bonds work,” a senior U.S. official predicted, “leading to millions of Americans being vaccinated, protecting workers, saving lives, strengthening our economy, and speeding up the exit from this epidemic.”

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As fuel from the summer by delta variation, the epidemic has already killed 750,000 people in the United States.

President Biden, who was elected leader of the world’s largest economic power nearly a year ago, has made the fight against COVID-19 one of the hallmarks of his presidency.

But the largest U.S. vaccination campaign, conducted expeditiously, has exhausted steam, increasing pollution rates and partially thwarting the economic recovery promised by the Democratic leader.

Getting vaccinated adults to get vaccinated is not an easy task, especially since many U.S. states, including Texas, have already banned vaccination duties on their soil.

In a survey released last month by the Society for Human Resource Management, 90% of surveyed employers found it difficult to implement the vaccine requirement.