June 16, 2024

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Mysterious disappearance of a couple in France

Mysterious disappearance of a couple in France

The investigation, which began after the disappearance of Kevin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke in Deux-Sèvres in central France at the end of November, is moving towards a criminal path, the Poitiers parquet floor announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Niort’s trial was dropped “on December 27” in favor of Cobb’s “pole of criminal investigation.”

“In this situation, the disappearance of Ms. Leslie Hurlback and Mr. Kevin Trambaut, without news from them, to retain legal status, is a qualification of a criminal nature (arrest, abduction, detention or quarantine. Multiple persons and without voluntary release before the 7th day)” , mentions Poitiers’ parquet floor in its press release.

The Research Unit of Poitiers is responsible for the investigations.

From the night of Friday 25 to Saturday 26 November the young couple gave no sign of life. After spending the evening with a friend in Prahek, a town in the Niort countryside, they had to sleep next door to another friend who had joined a rave party.

A call for witnesses was later broadcast on social networks and a judicial inquiry was opened into the “disturbing disappearance”.

In early December, items belonging to the couple were found in a recycling container in Puiravald (Charente-Maritime), including the young man’s Road Safety Certificate (PSR), adding to the mystery surrounding their disappearance.

Kevin Trumpot’s parents have already fueled the press with the hypothesis of an abduction and a deployment.

According to his mother-in-law Karine Pratt, on the evening of his disappearance, Kevin Trambaut had nearly €10,000 in cash with him.

He told an AFP reporter that the latter robbed his car and his house during a beat organized last Thursday in Prague.

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Kevin Trambaut was going to Bordeaux the next day to buy a car.