July 13, 2024

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Outauais: A student among seniors at the Residences du Bel-Âge

Outauais: A student among seniors at the Residences du Bel-Âge

Residences du Bel-Âge in Outaouais will welcome a student from 1 in exchange for good care.R Next August.

Alexandre Chevalier, 21, is a student in special education techniques at the Cégep de l’Outauais.

In exchange for his involvement with the elders, the youth is provided with housing and food.

“It’s a great project for me and the people who live here,” he said.

The initiative aims to create dialogue between generations.

“The Intergenerational Exchanges of the Youth Secretariat is a project funded by the program and they cover all project costs, including the students’ rent and five meals a week. We will also pay. [électricité]His internet, his cell phone and his bus pass,” explained Jean Beaudry-Pilot, General Director of Residences du Bel-Age.

Alternatively, the student must complete at least 40 hours of volunteer work per month. For example, he might attend a walking club on Saturday mornings, play cards in the common room two evenings a week, and watch tenants who receive fewer visitors.

“It’s really about breaking isolation, creating connections, creating exchanges and making it a better experience for everyone,” said M.me Beautry-Pilot.

Alexandre is very optimistic about the experience.

“I already have a good relationship with my grandparents, I worked in a youth center, so I know how to organize, plan and lead activities,” he enumerated.

Among the elders, the opinions are unanimous: “[C’est une] Nice surprise,” said one resident. “He has the same as my grandsons. So I love it already,” agreed another.

The residents have already accepted him into the family. It will be officially released in a few weeks.

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