June 19, 2024

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Positively reported for Govt-19, two lovers regret going on a trip to Cuba

Despite the federal government’s recommendations to avoid all unnecessary foreign travel, a couple of Cubans regret taking a trip to Cuba in the midst of an epidemic.

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Seven days ago both wives were confirmed to have Govt-19.

They were taken by ambulance to an isolated hotel where they waited for a negative result before returning home.

The couple says they were unable to enjoy the holidays, especially due to the stress and screening tests related to Govt-19.

“Depression was reported positively at the hotel, too, because at the hotel, the world did not know what was waiting for us from time to time. [on est déclarés positifs]. So at the hotel, between the queers, we were all a little stressed, ”says Adam Trit.

He argues that the uncertainty left by travelers causes more stress than pleasant stays in Cuba.

“Even at the hotel, we were depressed. We could not wait until the end of the trip to hear the negative word. So we did not use it until the end,” he laments.

The two Cubans are inviting anyone thinking of traveling to Cuba soon to review their plans.

Lawrence Gelinas-Dion says, “Cuba has a lot of problems with Covit-19, you can not spend your money anyway, especially not going to a hotel like we are now.”

Although the couple was not infected, he says the stay was disappointing.

“Even in the beginning, it was not worth the trip,” the young woman says.

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