May 22, 2024

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Trump slammed ‘Washington politicians’ in front of his Arizona supporters

Donald Trump said during a rally in front of his supporters in Arizona on Saturday that he had won the last presidential election in the United States and criticized “Washington politicians” who want to “control” the lives of Americans.

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“We are tired of Washington politicians controlling our lives. We are tired of obligations,” he said with thunder.

“Extremist democrats want to turn America into a communist country,” he said.

Before singing his leadmotif after the last presidential election in November 2020: “We won the election. We have been hugely successful. You can’t leave them. “

Before him, speakers had already heated up the crowd, calling Joe Biden “weak” and “confused” and targeting the “lame media” whistled by supporters of the former Republican president.

From the stolen election to media injustice, most signs of Trumpism have been used to open borders and make the United States a “mockery of the whole world.”

Some had come from Florida or Texas several days earlier to Florence, a rural town southeast of the state capital, Phoenix.

In the desert air, on a wide field, the flags of “Trump 2020” and “Trump 2024” were hoisted to encourage the millionaire who lost the election four years later to run in the next presidential election.

Before the public meeting began, the crowd chanted “Let’s Go Brandon”, a symbolic formula for insulting Joe Biden, which turned into a rally for the Trumpist platform.

The mix between the 1960s hippie festival and the former real estate tycoon’s Make America Great Again ‘meetings “is almost like a Woodstock maga” inspires Jonathan Riches, who claims to be at Donald’s 40th public meeting. Trump. “They are patriots across the country uniting for the good of the country. We love our president, ”he said.

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Press conference canceled

Donald Trump is facing a successful public outcry this time around, especially after provoking media outrage to explain the cancellation of a press conference he was scheduled to hold on January 6, on the first anniversary of the murderous attack on his supporters on the American Capitol.

Among the guests was Arizona Governorial candidate Gary Lake, who was recognized by Donald Trump and had said in the past that if he had been in office at the time, Joe Biden’s victory would not have been attested in the main state.

Donald Trump retains great influence over the Republican Party, and many of the elected officials who want to retain their positions in the next election want to benefit from his dubbing, so he must often subscribe to the conspiracy theories that the presidential election was rigged – or at least not explicitly denied.

The billionth meeting of billionaires took place in Florence after October. As he often does, Donald Trump declares it to be “the biggest audience” and goes “beyond what he can see”. However, no exact figures were given and the number of people who came to see him before he won in 2016 was not in the crowd.

Donald Trump, who has been banned from Twitter and has been committed to his cause of wanting to intervene in the radical conservative media since leaving the White House, was interviewed by public radio NPR on Tuesday.

He cut short the interview when a journalist questioned his unsubstantiated allegations of drug fraud – a politically sensitive issue in the United States – after Americans suggested he be vaccinated against Covit-19.

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His meeting came 24 hours after pro-Trump channel One America News Network (OAN) announced it had been abandoned by a major television service.

The former president has repeatedly advised his supporters to return to this radical conservative and conspiratorial channel that seeks to compete with Fox News among right-wing voters.