April 24, 2024

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Pro-Ukraine Militants Attack Russia's Border Areas | War in Ukraine

Pro-Ukraine Militants Attack Russia's Border Areas |  War in Ukraine

Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine said Tuesday they had infiltrated Russia and seized control of a border village, an incursion Moscow's military said had repelled.

Ukraine has also increased drone strikes. The attacks come three days before the start of the Russian presidential election, which Vladimir Putin is expected to win in the absence of any protests.

The village of Teodkino in the Kursk Region is under the control of the Russian Liberation ForcesThe telegram also promised fighters from a unit known as the Russian Liberation Army, which already had the appearance of previous armed incursions.

The militants, who call themselves Russian, announced in the morning that they had crossed the Russian border from Ukraine, releasing a video in which three armored vehicles can be seen driving in the dark along a country road.

The department assured that there is to destroy A Russian armored vehicle and Moscow forces at Diotkino He left quickly A village that leaves behind heavy weapons.

The Russian military, for its part, announced that it had repelled several attacks from Ukraine during the night and morning hours, ensuring that any advance into Russian territory was blocked.

The Russian governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, confirmed the attack and reported that one person was slightly wounded, but denied. turning point attackers.

However, regional authorities ordered the closure of schools in the city of Kursk Due to recent eventsMayor Igor Kautsak pointed out.

After the drone attack in Russia

The armed incursion comes after a major Ukrainian drone strike in Russia during the night from Monday to Tuesday, in particular two energy sites destroyed by fire, one of them hundreds of kilometers from the front.

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A drone crashed into the city hall of Belgorod, near Ukraine, during the day on Tuesday.

A woman was previously injured in Ukrainian strikes in the Belgorod region, according to the same source.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured on Tuesday that the Russian military required Fight against all Ukrainian attacks.

Kyiv, which has faced daily bombings for more than two years, continues to respond by attacking border areas using artillery or drones. Land invasions are rare.

According to Russian officials, Ukrainian drones specifically targeted the two Russian cities of Orel (Oral region) and Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region), located 160 km and 800 km from the Ukrainian border respectively, and set fire to energy depots there.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it shot down Ukrainian planes in Moscow, Leningrad, Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk regions.

On Ukraine's front, Russian forces said they would continue their advance in the east by capturing the village of Nevelske, near the city of Donetsk, which is already under Russian control.

The statement comes a day after optimistic comments from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who reassured his soldiers. stopped Russian progress, and the situation as it is now Very good Three months ahead.

The Ukrainian navy, for its part, said it was destroyed on Tuesday command post In the Black Sea, the Russian installed an oil tanker stuck in the Kinborn Isthmus near the mouth of the Dnipro River. The ship also served Launch pad Small drones in the Kherson region, the Navy said.

Russian forces have been entrenched in eastern Ukraine for weeks, particularly with the fall of the fortress city of Avdiivka, which Moscow captured in mid-February.

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Ukraine has begun building hundreds of kilometers of defensive fortifications to block Russian advances, but criticism has drawn that they are weak or non-existent in some areas.

The Ukrainian military faces slow Western aid, particularly from the United States, which has been blocked for months by President Joe Biden's Republican rivals.