April 21, 2024

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Russia: Fuel depot catches fire after drone strike

Russia: Fuel depot catches fire after drone strike

A drone struck a fuel depot in the Russian city of Orel, 160 km from the Ukrainian border, early Tuesday morning, regional governor Andrei Klychkov announced.

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“A drone crashed in Oral. The fuel and energy complex was attacked. Special forces are engaged in extinguishing the fire. There are no victims,” said Mr. Klitschko wrote on his Telegram account.

According to an emergency service official quoted by Ria Novosti, a tank containing petroleum products caught fire. Local media reported that the attack took place at around 3am (midnight GMT).

Ukrainian drones struck the Russian region of Belgorod and near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv overnight Monday into Tuesday, causing no injuries and damaging power lines, according to the region's governor.

“The Belgorod region was attacked by Ukrainian armed forces using drones that dropped four explosive devices,” Governor Vyacheslav Klatkov said in a telegram.

He said seven municipalities were without electricity due to the attack.

Also, a drone was destroyed above the Tula region south of Moscow, according to the Ministry of Regional Defense, cited by TASS agency. The governor of the Kursk region, which lies near the border with Ukraine, announced that two Ukrainian drones had been shot down by Russian security forces.

Since the Russian offensive against Kiev began in late February 2022, the Ukrainian military has been able to conduct more and more drone strikes inside Russian territory.

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On Saturday, Russia said it had destroyed 47 Ukrainian drones overnight, mainly in the Rostov-on-Don region, on the border with Ukraine, targeting, among other things, an aircraft factory.