July 13, 2024

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Rebellion in Iran: “An Unprecedented Movement in the Muslim World”

Rebellion in Iran: “An Unprecedented Movement in the Muslim World”

Rebellion was sparked Death of a young womanMahza Amini is now targeting the entire regime of the Islamic Republic after being arrested by the morality police for what was deemed inappropriate to wear a veil.

it is a A deeply anti-religious movement [qui] A movement unprecedented in the Muslim world cannot be comparedA sociologist and political scientist specializing in Iran analyzes Mahnas Shirali In the show First the factsHere first.

Young protesters reject not only the Islamic veil, but also the Islamic Republic, Islam and Islamic lawsMs. Shiraly continues.

Iranian women and men took to the streets in several cities, including Tehran, on the 14th day of protests. As schoolgirls wore headscarves, staff went on strike and clashes pitted protesters against police.

Women hold photographs of Mahsa Amini during a protest in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, on September 22, 2022.

Photo: dpa / SAFIN HAMED via Getty Images

The ruling clerics have become a pillar of the Islamic Republic, realizing that if the veil falls, the regime will fall.Delphine Minoy, a Franco-Iranian journalist specializing in the Iranian world, analyzes.

[Les religieux au pouvoir] Feel the enthusiasm of people across social, economic, demographic and ethnic lines. There is indeed something unique here. »

A quote Delphine Minoy, Franco-Iranian journalist specializing in the Iranian world at Le Picaro

In Ms. Minoui’s view, rebellion Moved to another level : For the first time, women are at the forefront of the struggle, she says. Demonstrators are not only advocating for the freedom of Iranian women to choose their sisters, but are also supported by high school girls and, in an even more unprecedented fashion, high school students.

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There is no crack in the army

Correspondingly, repression intensified during the protest movement, the biggest since the protests against petrol price hikes in 2019. Facing the rebels Ready to do anything to overthrow the regimeRepression has intensified.

l’NGO Iran Human Rights, A recent report, based in Oslo, said at least 95 people had died since September 16, while an official report said 60 had died, including 12 police officers.

The country has seen other upheavals in the past. But what if something has changed this time?

As far as we know, there is no rift between the army, the police, and much less the Revolutionary Guards, who have a fearsome and violent strike force.Mahnaz Shirali mentions.

A demonstration in Tehran.

Iranian protesters took to the streets of the capital, Tehran, days after Mahza Amini died in police custody.

Photo: Getty Images

According to Iranian news agency ISNA, security forces have been deployed near universities in Tehran following calls for demonstrations on social networks. However, according to ISNA, there were rallies limitations.

Causes of anger

Elsewhere in Iran, schoolgirls chanted Women, Life, Freedom In Mahsa Amini’s hometown of Chakes in Kurdistan province, the marchers waved veils over their heads, according to videos recorded on Saturday, the report said.NGO Hengau Human Rights Protection is based in Norway.

Another widely circulated video shows a man editing the text of a slogan on a large public notice board. The police are in the service of the people became Police kill people.

According to online images verified by Agence France-Presse, a large banner placed on the overpass of Moderez highway that crosses the center of Tehran reads: We are no longer afraid. Let’s fight.

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Additionally, General strikes According to Henga, the attacks took place in Kurdistan’s cities of Saghez, Sanandaj and Divandereh, and in Mahabad city in West Azerbaijan province.

In Sanandaj, gunfire rang out during clashes between protesters and police, and a man was apparently killed while driving his car, according to a video widely shared on Twitter. A police chief blamed the death Rebels.

Demonstrations also took place in Shiraz and Karaj near Tehran, while students protested in Isfahan and Tabriz, the news site reported. IranWireBased in London.

Iran accuses foreign countries, including its arch-enemy, the United States, of fomenting the protests.