December 8, 2022

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The President’s Molotov Cocktail

Whether it is an exaggeration, a blunder, or a simple observation, the use of the word “apocalypse” by the President of the United States is enough to make one cringe with horror! Fortunately, we at the White House knew that, and we were quick to commit.

A dozen hours after Joe Biden’s terrifying remarks at a Democratic fundraiser — a highly unusual event that accidentally triggers the end of the world — his spokesman corrected the situation: No change in US nuclear posture; There are no signs that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons; There is no new information to justify fearing the worst.

We will take a long look at what drove the US president to terrorize the world in this way; For now, we need to address the fact that Vladimir Putin is causing enough concern with his constant references to protecting the Russian motherland by all available means.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden faces a double peril, rather than the annihilation of humanity by a Russian nuclear arsenal no longer moving from the places where it is quietly stored: an energy crisis, along with a humanitarian crisis.

Rare and expensive, oil

The Saudis played this week with the US president, who made a pilgrimage to Jeddah last summer. There he met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, ostracized since the infamous murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, whom he endorsed.

In the wake of sanctions imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden has called for an increase in oil production to compensate for a boycott of Russian oil. Within three months, he received his answer in the form of a denial: oil-producing countries would cut their production by 2% starting next month.

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With 30 days to go before the midterm elections — elections that will determine the success or failure of Biden’s final two years as president — the White House is wary of high gas prices like a plague. , triggering a rise in inflation.

Buses full of migrants

At risk of another Molotov cocktail exploding in the president’s face, these settlers are being sent by Republican governors of states bordering Mexico to the nation’s major Democratic cities. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the overall champion, has sent more than 10,000 passengers to Chicago, Washington and New York so far.

Mayors of the federal capital and US metropolitan areas have declared a state of emergency in their cities, with New York President Eric Adams predicting unexpected costs will reach 100,000 by the end of the year. A billion dollars in the municipal budget.

Mayor Adams says he is now looking for ways to send immigrants to other major cities. Stocks explode and Republicans light the fuse. It may not be catastrophic, but the political damage to the president, which could be staggering, could be staggering.

Just three countries account for a third of all immigrants:

Three Republican governors lead the distribution of immigrants across the country:

  • Greg Abbott, Texas
  • Ron DeSantis, Florida
  • Doug Ducey, Arizona

Three major cities have become major destinations for migrant buses:

  • Chicago: 2000 immigrants
  • Washington: 8000 migrants
  • New York: 17,000 immigrants