March 3, 2024

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Republicans are losing informants on Biden affairs

Republicans are losing informants on Biden affairs

On May 4, I published an FBI document that shows Joe Biden received bribes from a foreigner in exchange for political decisions while he was vice president. The document’s existence was reported to elected Republicans in Congress by a whistleblower encouraged by an informant. Now, one of the elected Republicans, James Comer, agreed Lost track of this informant on Sunday.

The admission comes just days after Gomer submitted a 36-page document on Biden family affairs that contained vague and unsubstantiated allegations that the president was involved with one of the so-called “drug traffickers” who were close to him.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the informant,” Kentucky Rep. Maria Bartiromo, the chairman of the Oversight and Reform Commission, told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “Hopefully the informant is still there. The informant knows. The whistleblower is very reliable. »

Parthromo looked confused. “Just a minute, Reb,” she interjected. Did you say the whistleblower or informant went missing? »

“We hope we can find the informant,” Comer replied. “Remember that these informants work in the intelligence industry, so they are not used to being seen or in the limelight very often. »

Comer sent a subpoena to the FBI to produce a mysterious document dating back to 2020 and identified by a whistleblower. The FBI will deny his request. The Kentucky representative said in his 36-page filing that during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president, companies controlled by Hunter Biden were paid a total of $10 million by foreign nationals, including a corrupt Romanian businessman.

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There is no evidence on file of the President’s participation in these transactions or their illegality.

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