July 18, 2024

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Special counsel points out flaws in FBI probe into Trump and Russia

Special counsel points out flaws in FBI probe into Trump and Russia

A special prosecutor tackled the federal police in a statement released Monday saying they are satisfied with suspicious information to open an investigation into suspected collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

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John Durham believes the FBI relied on “unanalyzed or uncorroborated raw intelligence” to begin its investigations and later lacked “objectivity” in its management of this political file.

The “Russia investigation” has been denounced by Donald Trump as a “witch hunt” orchestrated by his opponents, always without bringing to light concrete evidence of collusion, by blacking out the first part of the Republican presidential decree.

Shortly before the end of his mandate, his government commissioned John Durham to investigate the origins of this inquiry. After three years of investigations, he presented his conclusions of more than 300 pages.

Apart from the weakness of the elements that initiated the investigation, the special prosecutor alleges that the central police acted on a two-weight, two-measure system.

He writes that the speed and manner in which the FBI decided to investigate Donald Trump contrasted with the approach taken during foreign interference in Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign. of some investigators.

According to him, “the FBI’s and Justice Department’s lack of analytical rigor, confirmation bias, and overreliance on evidence associated with political opponents prevented investigators from considering alternative hypotheses and acting with ‘appropriate objectivity.’

However, the Special Prosecutor does not recommend specific cases or reforms.

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“The answer is not to create new rules, but to renew loyalty to old ones,” he argues.

Donald Trump, who is running for a second term in office in 2024, was quick to praise her work. “After extensive research, Special Counsel John Durham has concluded that the FBI should never have started the Trump-Russia investigation,” he wrote on Truth Social. “In other words, the American public has been ripped off,” he adds.

As for the FBI, Mr. He assured that the facts described by Durham have already led to “dozens of corrective actions.” “Had they been in place in 2016, the mistakes identified in this report could have been prevented,” commented a spokesperson.