April 16, 2024

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Resigned Boris Johnson is planning a wedding reception at his future former country home

Resigned Boris Johnson is planning a wedding reception at his future former country home

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation on Thursday, plans a party to celebrate his wife Carrie’s wedding at the end of July at Checkers, the country home of British prime ministers, media reported Thursday.

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The invitations were sent before the Prime Minister announced her resignation in May 2021, marrying in secret in a small ceremony at Westminster Catholic Cathedral. The ceremony was limited to 30 people due to health restrictions to combat the coronavirus, hence the party plan this year.

Boris Johnson, 58, announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday. He is succeeded by his party members.

“We’d all love to have a grand wedding at the taxpayers’ expense at Checkers, but he can’t do that because the British would find it abhorrent,” London’s Labor mayor Sadiq Khan replied on LBC radio.

According to him, reasonable Tories “will not accept a situation where he seeks to be prime minister for his personal interest rather than for the national interest”.

This is the third marriage for Boris Johnson, who has at least seven children, two of whom are with Carrie.

Boris Johnson has previously been criticized for the very expensive renovation of his Downing Street apartments, funded by a Conservative Party donor. timesAn expensive – and ultimately abandoned – treehouse project at Chequers for his son Wilfrid.

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