February 25, 2024

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She is blind in one eye by coloring her hair

She is blind in one eye by coloring her hair

A 13-year-old girl from Georgia, US, wanted to dye her hair at home with her friend, and was blinded in one eye when the product exploded on her face.

The dye was in a metal tube that had to be drilled to extract it. However, even after piercing the tube, the product remained stuck inside.

Olivia Stekin then decided to apply pressure to the tube, and that’s when it exploded in her face.

The chemical paste entered his left eye and burned the entire surface of his eyelid.

According to reports, the girl’s mother, who was there at home, heard her screams and took her to the hospital. New York Post.

“Olivia and her friends would usually be running around the house, screaming, but I knew it was a weird scream, an intense scream,” her mother, Pamela Stekin-Shepard, said in an interview.

“His eye was covered in product, you couldn’t see his lashes, you couldn’t see his eyelashes,” she continued.

She tried to put her daughter in the shower to wash off the dye, but she was in so much pain she didn’t even want to be touched.

The product remained on the eye for 15 to 20 minutes before it was completely removed.

Doctors confirmed that Olivia Stekin had suffered third-degree chemical burns to her eye and that the upper layers of her iris had been burned.

Despite the high risk of rejection due to her young age and the health of her immune system, the teenager will need an iris transplant to restore her vision.

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The duration of corneal transplantation is about 10 years.

The young woman has had several follow-ups and weekly appointments for five months with various specialists who are trying to treat her eye and restore her vision.

The mother and daughter are currently fundraising Go fund me To cover the medical expenses and future procedures she will inevitably need.

If the accident took a toll on her self-confidence, Olivia Stekin continued to dye her hair. She now takes extra precautions by wearing safety glasses and is always accompanied by an adult.

Her mother now warns those who color their hair to read warning labels before using products and to make sure to wash their eyes if they come in close contact.