July 20, 2024

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She was raped on the train without anyone intervening to help her

She was raped on the train without anyone intervening to help her

Upper Dorby, Pa., Police, passengers surprised themselves after a woman was raped on a passenger train without any intervention.

The facts took place last Wednesday evening, but police did not contact the matter until the weekend.

According to investigators, a woman was raped on this suburban train while there were several passengers.

It is said that none of them intervened or contacted the authorities.

“Did they see it? I don’t know. But in the surveillance videos, we can see that many, in my opinion, interfered. Someone could have done something,” Dorby police chief Tim Bernhardt told CBS Philly.

“It says a lot about the community we live in. Who can allow that to happen? It’s very disturbing. We try to identify all the people who get on and off the train at that time.

The last time an employee of the transport company SEPTA reported the attack was to the police.

SEPTA issued a press release expressing its “horror” at this “horrific” crime and reiterated the importance of witnesses of the attacks quickly alerting the police.

A suspect was arrested on the train on the evening of the attack. Fiston Enjoy, 35, faces several charges, including rape.

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