December 8, 2023

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‘SNL’ uses its version of ‘Fox and Friends’ to sum up the week’s headlines, including Ginni Thomas text messages and Will Smith slap

'SNL' uses its version of 'Fox and Friends' to sum up the week's headlines, including Ginni Thomas text messages and Will Smith slap
The show opened with Fox’s Brian Kilmead, played by Mickey Day, telling his co-hosts that he had downloaded the social media app for former President Donald Trump. social truth.

“I downloaded the app, opened it, and my phone got really hot right away. Like, over 140 degrees,” Day Kilmaid told Ainsley Earhart, played by Heidi Gardner and Steve Dossey, played by Alex Moffat.

The trio then welcomed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his conservative activist wife Virginia “Jenny” Thomas at the parade. The pair, played by cast members Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon, cuddled on the sofa while hosts asked about Clarence Thomas’ recent hospital stay.

Thomas Thompson was asked: “I was just in the hospital, that’s right.”

He laughed before answering vaguely, “That’s what they say.”

When asked if he was sick with Covid-19, Thompson once again gave a short, non-committal answer: “Anything is possible.”

Then, the hosts turn their attention to the revelation that Jenny Thomas sent multiple text messages to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows between November 2020 and January 2021 urging him to continue efforts to undo Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, according to multiple sources.

“Now Jenny, the left are currently losing their minds over two perfectly plain texts you sent to your friend Mark Meadows on January 6th, is that true?” asks Die Kilmaid.

“It sure is,” replied McKinnon’s smiling Jenny Thomas.

“Now they want honorable justice to step aside. I mean, it allows you to express what’s on your mind,” says Dossie of Moffat.

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“Yeah, and I don’t want any problems. I take my duty as Yoko Ono on the Supreme Court very seriously. All I want is a tidal wave of biblical revenge to wash the Biden crime family all the way to Gitmo and then launch the Kraken,” answers Jenny Thomas of McKinnon .

When asked if his wife had spoken to him about exchanging text messages with Meadows, Clarence Thomas said, “Some say yes, some say no.”

Then the “Fox and Friends” hosts welcomed Trump with a FaceTime call from Mar-a-Lago and asked for his opinion of Smith’s slap on comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars last weekend.

Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, tells the hosts that he saw the slap and refers to Smith as his character from the movie Hitch.

“You know, I saw a slap,” Trump says of Johnson. “I enjoyed the slap. I was very touched by my butt, you know. I just knew Hitch had an arm.”

“That kind of behavior isn’t going to help Kevin James get a date with Allegra Cole, I’ll tell you,” SNL’s Trump said, referring to the plot from the 2005 comedy.

Then the hosts resort to asking the former president about the investigation into the January 6 uprising, and directly ask him, “Did you make a coup, sir?”

Trump replies, “No, no. You know, there wasn’t a coup. It was an event, maybe a flashback, maybe a coup.”

Then he was asked about seven hour gap In the White House phone records from January 6 and The Weather he was using a burner phone.

Trump and Prime Minister Johnson again denied wrongdoing before apparently admitting to using burning phones.

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“No, not right,” he says. “She never used the stove phone. Except probably Jan. 6 during the seven-hour period.”

Then the cast comes together for the traditional show, “Live, From New York, It’s Saturday Night!”