July 20, 2024

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Taiwan: More than 100 Chinese warplanes have infiltrated for the third month in a row

Taiwan: More than 100 Chinese warplanes have infiltrated for the third month in a row

Taipei | According to the AFP database, Chinese military planes made 159 incursions into Taiwan’s air defense zone in November amid mounting military pressure from Beijing on the island of Democratic Autonomous Region.

This is the third month in a row that more than 100 fighter jets, including 100 Chinese fighter jets and nine nuclear-capable H6 bombers, have infiltrated the sensitive area.

The threat has reached new heights in the past 14 months after Beijing began sending large numbers of military jets to Taiwan’s Air Defense Identity Zone (Adiz).

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense began advertising the incursions of these Chinese warplanes in Addis in September 2020, and the AFP compiled a database of details of these aircraft, which grew in size and frequency.

The increase has heightened fears of Western allies such as the United States and Japan, who fear that China will order an invasion of Taiwan, which it considers one of its provinces. However, they believe this phenomenon is not possible for now.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon unveiled plans to upgrade deployments and bases operated against China, modernizing and expanding military installations in Guam and Australia.

Almost daily

The security zone does not match Taiwan’s airspace, but covers the largest part of China’s air defense identification zone.

Satisfied with exploring the southwestern part of Beijing, small planes put a strain on the navy of almost daily Taiwanese hunters, already aging.

As Beijing celebrates its annual national holiday, October is bustling with 196 infiltrations, including 149 infiltrations in four days.

In November, large-scale intrusions were low, but flights were poured almost daily, with three days not marked by new intrusions.

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Taiwan’s Defense Minister Xiu Guo-Cheng said on Monday that “the situation is worsened by almost unimpeded incursions,” Taiwan’s Defense Minister Xiu Guo-Cheng said on Monday, when 27 Chinese planes were booked the previous day, a record in November and the fifth largest daily intrusion.

He commented that China’s goal is to “slowly make you tired and let you (have them) know that power”.

Xiu previously warned that military tensions between Taiwan and China would be at their highest level in four decades, with Beijing set to launch a full-scale invasion in 2025.

Since the beginning of this year, nearly 900 Chinese planes have landed in Addis, Taiwan, and more than a thousand since the Ministry of Defense began to report.

The two-year security report, released in October, aims to “seize Taiwan without a fight” as China raises “threats in gray areas” such as the infiltration of warplanes.

The “gray area” is used by military analysts to describe pro-government measures of aggression, which will be stopped before the outbreak of war, and described by the Secretary as “the joint ground between peace and war”. British Defense Ben Wallace.

“The compelling action of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is clearly aimed at bringing Taiwan to its knees and alienating us from our democratic partners,” Foreign Minister Joseph Wu tweeted on Monday.

“Make no mistake: we will never submit to the pressure of the CCP,” he added.