April 20, 2024

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Kisline Maxwell trial | The victim describes how she was subjected to sexual abuse

(New York) Gisline Maxwell first approached her when “Jane” was 14: The ex-girlfriend of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of sexual offenses and died during a trial in New York. He approached her and encouraged her before abusing her.

Maggie Donaldson
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On the second day of the trial in Manhattan Federal Court, a former British socialist born in France faces life imprisonment for sexual assault, the victim, whose name is Protected, described his teenage life 27 years ago as a couple.

Kislyn Maxwell, 59, was the first of four witnesses called by prosecutors to allege that she participated in and sometimes participated in Epstein’s sexual abuse.


“I froze in fear […], I was scared, I felt disgusted. I was ashamed, ”she explained, crying several times during her testimony.

Kislyn Maxwell first approached her in 1994 while she was eating ice cream with friends near an art summer camp in Michigan.

Soon, Epstein joined them. After the couple became interested in “Jane’s” art quest, she asked for her phone number, and the teenager lived year-round in Palm Beach, Florida, where the American billionaire lives.

At the time, the young woman had lost her father to leukemia nine months ago and was living in a house borrowed by friends with her mother and siblings.

Back in Florida, Epstein invited “Jane”‘s mother for tea, praised her daughter’s artistic talents and offered her the financial help she needed.

Alone with Epstein

Then he started going to Jeffrey Epstein’s villa alone, he gave money to his mother, and at other times, Kisline Maxwell took her to the movies or to the store.

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One day, when she was still 14, Jeffrey Epstein told the court that he had “grabbed my hand and told her to follow him” before describing the sexual abuse.

The next time Kisline was with Maxwell, he acted like “it’s normal,” showing “how Jeffrey wanted to massage”. “Jane” recalled traveling with the couple about ten times.

Kislyn Maxwell, the daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991, is accused of employing women between the ages of 1994 and 2004 and making them available to Epstein for sexual purposes.

Inspired by jet sets and social circles, he frequently visited celebrities and the rich, claiming to be innocent and pleading not guilty to six charges.

The financier, who had a relationship with her and was one of the key collaborators, committed suicide in prison in the summer of 2019, before being tried, because one death caused a scandal because it lost its victims. Of a case. Kisline Maxwell, who went missing from circulation, was arrested a year later.

The court heard from the pilot, who had worked for 30 years for a dead financier who owns residences in New York, Florida, New Mexico or New York, before “Jane” testified that defense lawyers’ cross-examination began on Tuesday. Virgin Islands.

When asked by one of the accused’s lawyers if he remembers ever remembering celebrities like Lawrence Wiszowski, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton ever boarded a billionaire plane, the names of the people who attended were already mentioned by Jeffrey Epstein. He also remembered actor Kevin Spacey.

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He also explained that he had never seen inappropriate behavior on the plane. He later called Kisline Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein’s “Number Two”, who made sure to take care of planning flights frequently.

Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, has been prosecuted in New York for sexual abuse by a victim of an American millionaire, a fact that has always been controversial.