March 28, 2023

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Tamar Braxton details recent health scare, urging fans to ‘please be careful’

Tamar Braxton He warns fans to be careful this holiday season after suffering a health scare.

Braxton took to Instagram to share how a day out with her friends turned into a trip to the hospital after she started experiencing flu-like symptoms.

“I had to be taken to the hospital by AMBULANCE, because I needed oxygen because I thought God was taking me home because I couldn’t breathe and my chest was on fire!” Braxton Books. “I was transferred to @employee He was greeted by the best nurses, including doctors @employee To see what’s wrong… Yes, I have FLU. “

She went on to explain that what she was experiencing was “worse than COVID in my opinion,” and that she was “taking 5 different medications” to combat her symptoms.

Braxton was taken to hospital after experiencing flu-like symptoms.
(Photo by Joy Stokes/Getty Images)

Tamar Braxton speaks out after hospitalization reported: ‘Mental illness is real’

After explaining what she’s been through, Braxton encouraged fans to “please be careful” because she “hasn’t been around a lot of people and[has]no idea where it came from.” She advised her fans to stay home and Celebrate the holidays At home because they don’t want to pick up what she has.

The comments section was full of Braxton stars and fans wishing her a speedy recovery and telling her she was right to warn people to be careful about what they expose themselves to.

YouTuber Jessie Wu commented, “This year’s flu is different! Please take care of yourself,” while her ex-girlfriend, “RealCo-star Adrienne Bailon said she is “praying for a speedy recovery!” One fan commented on how sad it was that she needed to “put a disclaimer about not needing attention” before saying she was praying for her.

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This isn’t the first time Braxton has been hospitalized, as she was hospitalized in July 2020 after her boyfriend found her unresponsive in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles. In an Instagram post made at the time, Braxton stated that she had made an “attempt to end my pain and my life.”

Braxton's comments section was full of people wishing her health and a speedy recovery.

Braxton’s comments section was full of people wishing her health and a speedy recovery.
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

In the same post, Braxton shared that she felt “betrayed, exploited, overworked, and underpaid,” not only for her work. Grammy Award nominated An artist, but also as a reality TV star, she shared her life with the public, explaining that “for the past 11 years there have been promises to protect” her story, which she did not feel was broken.

She explained that after texting a friend of hers, asking for help, telling them she needed a break, her “cries for help were completely ignored”, and “the requests continued”.

“My mind and soul have been more polluted. There are some things I depend so much on to be a good mother, a good daughter, a good partner, a good sister, and a good person,” he wrote. “Who I am is beginning to mean little or nothing, because it will only be how I am portrayed on TV that matters.”

After that experience, Braxton vowed to make her mental health a priority in her life, never to reach that point again.

“I’m learning to work through pain rather than seek refuge. I’m on an irreversible path to recovery, and I’m taking my time,” Braxton said. “It’s from above [sic.] It is so important that I find my happiness and health, through professional therapy, for the sake of my whole heart, Logan, which I forgot in my moment of grief and despair.”