July 20, 2024

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Tax fraud case | New York attorney wants to hear from Donald Trump

Tax fraud case |  New York attorney wants to hear from Donald Trump

New York State Attorney Letidia James said Thursday that former U.S. President Donald Trump must testify in an investigation into tax evasion by the (New York) family group Trump. Washington Post.

Citing sources close to the case and quoting daily, Mr.Me James demanded 45e The U.S. president is coming to his New York office on Jan. 7 to testify as part of a civil investigation into alleged tax crimes by the Trump organization.

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New York State Attorney Letidia James.

Asked by AFP, attorney’s spokesman Fabian Levy said he had no comment at this point.

1There is Last July, Alan Weiselberg, chief executive of the Trump organization and loyal to Donald Trump’s loyalists, pleaded not guilty to tax evasion in a Manhattan court.

He said he deliberately withheld $ 1.7 million from tax authorities between 2005 and 2021 to freeze benefits he received from the Trump administration. Weiselberg was charged. Federal and local taxes.

He was also charged with misrepresenting that he was not a New York City resident in order to avoid taxes.

The Trump administration has been accused of helping to cover up these benefits.

According to sources Washington Post, MMe James wonders about the scale of the fraud, which “pervades the Trump system.”

The former Republican president, who was not personally charged at the trial, condemned the political “accusation” and “witch hunting” in July.

If he refuses to come and testify, according to Letitia James, Washington Post She forced him to appear in court to testify. This is what forced Eric Trump, one of Donald Trump’s sons and one of the leaders of the Trump organization, to come and testify at the same trial in October 2020.

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The trial against the Trump organization is being led by New York State Attorney and his deputy for Manhattan, two elected Democrats, Cyrus Vance. MMe James is running for governor of the state and ten years later Mr. Vance will step down on December 31.