June 17, 2024

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The arrival of immigrants: Europe will finally shout

Millions of people in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere dream of moving to Europe. Those who can do it pay for criminal trafficking organizations.

It is estimated that since 2015, millions of immigrants have reached their paradise by boat across the Mediterranean. Now the focus is on the East.

Migration tensions on the EU (EU) border with Belarus, which have been simmering for months, have now returned to normal. With geopolitical conflictA major humanitarian crisis.

Many thousands of migrants, especially from the Middle East, are stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland. As winter approaches many people are desperate for money.

If we have come to this, it is because of the dictator of Belarus, Lukashenko, who wants revenge on the European Union for imposing sanctions on him. He was in power for the sixth time following the looting of the 2020 presidential election.

His election fraud sparked monstrous protests for weeks. More than 35,000 were arrested and thousands were beaten by police. The winner, opposition leader Svetlana Dikanovskaya, had to be deported.

Lukashenko argued that sanctions had lost the funds needed to control the flow of immigrants and decided not to respect the EU’s agreement on the prevention of illegal immigration. He himself caused the crisis. Belarusian government agencies have provided visa assistance to Middle Eastern immigrants. Some were flown to Minsk by the country‚Äôs state-owned airline and then helped to cross the EU border.

Lukashenko relies heavily on his friend Putin as an ally and lender. The Polish prime minister went so far as to accuse the Russian president of “sponsoring” the attack, leading to retaliation for Putin: “I want everyone to know that. We have nothing to do with it.”

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When Lukashenko threatened to cut off the flow of Russian gas pipelines, Moscow, which crosses its border towards Europe, was apt to persuade Europeans that it would continue to receive gas from Russia.

But still, Russian paratroopers took part in military exercises in Belarus last week. The Kremlin sees the country as a NATO security buffer zone.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said the influx of migrants was the result of US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Western-backed uprisings in Syria and Libya. The bitter truth.

Europeans need to be sure. Submission to pressure and asking Poland to allow immigrants into Germany would allow Lukashenko to win. Encourage him to continue such activities. Belarus urges EU to accept tougher sanctions, including a trade embargo.

Across the EU, polls suggest that Europeans are saying ‘enough is enough’ in the face of waves of stateless immigrants hitting their land and sea borders.

In response to immigrant pressure, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Greece Called on Brussels to “adapt the existing legal framework to new realities.”.

This is a call for the repeal of the terms of the Geneva Convention on Refugees in order to legally repatriate asylum seekers.

By 2020 alone, EU countries have provided security for about 280,000 people who were able to enter their borders without accreditation.