March 3, 2024

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The British MP who saw pornography in Parliament has resigned

The British MP who saw pornography in Parliament has resigned

Neil Parish, the British Conservative MP, announced his resignation on Saturday after admitting he had actually seen pornography in the House of Commons, which has been accused by other lawmakers.

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“I was looking for tractors,” the 65-year-old former farmer told the BBC. “I saw another site with a similar name, looked around for a while and I shouldn’t have done that,” he tried to explain.

“But my guilt, my biggest offense, I went there a second time, it was done on purpose,” he admitted on the verge of tears, provoking a “moment of madness.”

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday morning, he suggested that the site may have been “incorrectly” opened.

In 2019, Mr. A Conservative spokeswoman for the parish elected Tverton and Honiden constituency said, “We support the decision of (Neil Parish) to step down as Member of Parliament.”

Boris Johnson’s resignation was announced Wednesday after the Conservative Party launched an investigation into the incident.

The MP’s name was not released, but the Tories announced Friday that Mr Parish had reported himself to a parliamentary committee on the conduct of the MPs, who announced that they had suspended him from their group of MPs during the hearing.

The elected official then declared that he “would like to continue to fulfill a sub-responsibility while investigations are ongoing”.

Several MPs insisted that he should resign before the end of the trial if the allegations against him were true.

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