June 15, 2024

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The FBI operates in two apartments associated with the Russian oligarchy

One is a mansion in Washington, and the other is a three-story house in New York City.

Mr. Deribaska is an aluminum magnate Sanctions imposed by the U.S. Treasury Due to attempts to undermine Moscow’s Western democracy since 2018. The 53-year-old millionaire’s name has been mentioned several times during special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

In Washington, D.C., U.S. federal police officers were known to carry property exit boxes, which were wrapped in an identification card. The place where the crime took place.

Is austere with comments on the nature or purpose of the FBI operation, a spokesman content Court approval for law enforcement activities Was going on.

A spokesman for Mr Deribaska confirmed the search, saying both apartments belonged to his family members.

The search is being conducted under two judicial orders relating to US sanctions, He told Reuters.

The apartments in question are in New York and Washington and Mr. Does not belong to Deribaska.

According to New York TimesThey are owned by opaque limited liability companies.

Sources in the newspaper further clarified that the property is part of an investigation to find out whether he has violated the sanctions imposed on him.

They said the investigation is being conducted by the FBI and the federal prosecutor’s office for the Southern District of New York.

The oligarchy is close to the Kremlin

In 2018, Mr. Deribaska was placed on a list of seven Russian oligarchs facing sanctions near the Kremlin. These targeted several companies, including his company Russell, one of the largest aluminum companies in the world.

Sanctions were imposed by the Treasury when Trump was president Russian malicious activity around the world. In announcing the sanctions, the Trump administration accused Mr Theripaska of extortion, fraud, corruption, involvement in organized crime and ordering the killing of a human trafficker.

Mr Theripaska denied the allegations and failed in court to remove the sanctions against him personally. He argued that the allegations were based on unproven rumors and that the sanctions had financially destroyed him.

In 2019, however, the Trump administration lifted sanctions against his federation, under an agreement calling for it to exercise less control over Mr. Theribaska and reduce his stake. According to New York Times For Bloomberg, however, his involvement continued to be significant.

According to Washington PostMr. Deribaska has not set foot on American soil for many years.

Cited in the M முller survey

Paul Manford, coming out of a building.

Oleg Deribaska’s name was quoted at the Mல்லller trial.

Photo: Reuters / Yuri Gribas

Oleg Deribaska was previously a client of Paul Manford, who was an adviser on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Paid as second investment advisor.

Paul was Manford Sentenced to 47 months in prison After being convicted of tax and bank fraud charges after the Special Advocate Mல்லller trial. However, he was pardoned by former President Trump a few weeks before he left the White House.

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According to the M முller report and court documents, Oleg Deribaska was someone who was interested in the investigation because of his relationship with Paul Manford.

According to investigators, the latter would have sent a partner, the FBI, to the Russian intelligence service, which is involved in the secret internal polls of the Trump campaign, so he gives them, among others, to the Russian oligarchy. Oleg Deribaska has refused to receive any information from the Trump campaign.

In 2017, the Associated Press Mr. Manford revealed possession Worked in secret for Mr. Theribaska To protect President Putin’s interests by developing an ambitious political strategy that undermines opposition to the Kremlin in the former Soviet republics since 2005. Relationships between MM. However, Manford and Deribaska worsened in 2014.

With information from Reuters, Bloomberg, Washington Post, And the New York Times