May 22, 2024

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The Stormy Daniels Affair: A Third Time Against Trump

The Stormy Daniels Affair: A Third Time Against Trump

In baseball, Donald Trump must exit and return to the dugout. For the third time in three days, the former president looked at his request to postpone his hearing on the Stormy Daniels affair. Rejected. He filed a civil suit against trial judge Juan Merson, asking the appeals court to reconsider several of his decisions. Judge Ellen Gesmer quickly rejected the request on Wednesday. The former president can appeal the ruling before the full Court of Appeals, but he won't receive an answer before April 15, when the first criminal trial against the former president is set to open in New York.-The President.

I'll leave you with the details of Donald Trump's first two failed attempts to postpone an investigation that some have repeatedly said poses no great danger to the Republican presidential nominee. The latter thinks the opposite and, judging by some of his steps, is considered by some jurists to be useless, stupid or pessimistic.

Trump said he might try other maneuvers between now and Monday.

Meanwhile, his former accountant Alan Weiselberg will be back behind bars after being sentenced to 5 months in prison for perjury during Trump's civil trial for fraud in New York. It's the price he pays for refusing to testify against his former boss, who continues to avoid prison while many members of his entourage suffer.


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