June 20, 2024

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These colors of children’s swimwear prevent drowning

These colors of children’s swimwear prevent drowning

Experts have found that the color of a child’s swimsuit can improve their safety and prevent drownings during a day around the beach or pool.

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“The color of a child’s swimsuit can have a significant impact on their visibility in the water, which is essential to prevent drowning,” said Bernard Fisher, director of health and safety for the American Lifeguard Association. CNN.

Bright, contrasting hues are better noticed underwater, she says, making it easier for rescuers and parents to see the baby. She recommends neon yellows, oranges, pinks and bright reds.

Conversely, Fisher advises against wearing light blue, gray or green, as these shades can blend in with water and pool environments.

Best view for DD Manisha Aggarwal says never rely on the color of a swimsuit to find a baby when drowning.

An associate professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at Emory University School of Medicine called the study “meaningful,” but said there is no conclusive evidence that a swimsuit fluorescent bath can save a child from drowning.

So adult supervision is the best way to save a child. There are other methods to prevent a tragedy such as establishing fencing and swimming exercises.

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