June 20, 2024

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This couple leaves everything behind to travel 5 continents in one year

This couple leaves everything behind to travel 5 continents in one year

A couple from Repentigny prepares to fulfill a dream: travel to the four corners of the world. To finance this year’s trip, the two decided to sell their house.

“What do you really want in life?” I said to myself. I realized it was about traveling the world,” says 29-year-old Myleene Lavoie.

To set foot on five continents to fulfill their dreams and feel free: this is what inspired the two to sell everything to leave for a whole year.

“What convinced me was that it would take a year to no longer have responsibilities. We would no longer have a house to pay for and nothing to think about,” 32-year-old Thierry Bourcalt-Coote underlines.

Photos by Maude Larin-Kieran, QMI Agency

At first, the couple agreed to leave for three months, but for Mylene, that wasn’t enough to make her dream come true.

“I read a book called Why Cafe, and I cried the whole time I was reading it. It asked questions like: What are you going to regret on your deathbed? So I talked to Thierry and we decided to take a year off,” says the sales director of a cosmetics company for 10 years. The woman explains.

The latter confirms that this journey would never have been possible before the pandemic.

“We discovered a lot of new ways of working, which were firsts in the company,” he says.

The professional will continue to work one day per week during his/her commute.

This couple leaves everything behind to travel 5 continents in one year

Photos by Maude Larin-Kieran, QMI Agency

One year and five continents

To establish their itinerary, Mylene and Thierry made a list of 20 countries they wanted to visit. Then they united the common 15 countries.

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“Of course we can’t do it in 15 countries. We have to choose,” says Mylene.

They finally decided to start their journey in Europe. Then they will go to Africa where they want to go on safari. After spending Christmas in London, they will travel to Asia via New Zealand and Australia. Finally, they will end their journey to South America, probably Argentina and Chile.

$60,000 a year

How much does it cost to travel around the world in a year? Mylene and Thierry set their budget at $60,000.

So the couple will use a portion of the proceeds to sell their home.

They also say they are not in dire financial straits for their planned return to Quebec in September 2025.

“Homeowners in their 30s, not so much. Actually, I’m going to come back like everyone else and then buy a house like most people my age,” Myleene explains.

The couple also plans to set aside a down payment to be ready to buy upon their return.

Serious preparation

Thier marveled at the preparation required for such a long journey.

“Selling the house, canceling the insurance…it’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of research,” he summarizes.

Mylene noticed during her research that there was very little information on preparing for such a trip to Quebec.

That’s when he decided to share his passion and “help others who want to travel like that” by creating Instagram and TikTok accounts called “Explore With Me.”