April 16, 2024

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Trump trial in New York: Start of trial postponed for 30 days

Trump trial in New York: Start of trial postponed for 30 days

A Manhattan judge on Friday ruled that Donald Trump's criminal trial, scheduled for March 25 in New York, will be postponed in connection with alleged payments to an adult film actress.

“The trial in this case is adjourned for 30 days from March 14,” in which the Manhattan attorney gave the green light for a one-month adjournment, New York District Court Judge Juan Merchon ruled.

That means the historic trial, in which Donald Trump could potentially face prison time, could begin as early as mid-April.

According to Judge Merson's decision, the New York State Supreme Criminal Court will convene for a preliminary hearing on March 25 and set a new date.

On Thursday evening, the New York State Attorney's Office for the Manhattan jurisdiction, led by attorney Alvin Bragg, announced it was open to delaying the trial for 30 days.

It gives more time to the Republican candidate for the US presidential election in November, whose lawyers are trying to delay as long as possible the opening of the four criminal investigations against their client.

In a court document dated Thursday, the Manhattan prosecutor's office said it was “set to go to trial on March 25” as planned, but “did not object to a 30-day adjournment to allow defense attorneys to investigate” and submitted new documents for the proceedings. A Manhattan judge ruled Friday that Donald Trump's scheduled criminal trial is being postponed.

“The hearing on this case is adjourned for 30 days from the date” On March 14, the Manhattan prosecutor gave the green light to postpone the proceedings as requested by the lawyers of the former president of the States – United, the new judge ruled. York Court Judge Juan Merson.

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A judge in a case involving alleged payments by Donald Trump to silence an affair with a pornographic actress has postponed the start of proceedings initially scheduled for March 25 by 30 days, according to multiple US media outlets.