May 26, 2022

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UFOs in the US Congress

By referring to UFOs in the title, I am not referring to some boring members of Congress, but to popular UFOs that are often discussed. Have long been associated with rumors that have been pushed into science fiction films or from marginal conspiracies that are of interest to both the Pentagon and the political class.

In the document filed on June 2021The Pentagon has reported 143 incidents of unexplained events since 2004. It was decided that the technical and technological strength of the observed objects could not be linked to the secret plan of countries such as the United States or China or Russia.

While the 2021 document emphasizes the need for in-depth analysis and additional data, it also opens the door to speculation.

Whether we believe in extraterrestrial intervention or not, the political class is considering this issue and ensuring transparency to citizens interested in the proliferation of cases.

Already, to reduce the folklore associated with the name UFO (UFO)Unidentified flying objectsUFOs, US intelligence and Pentagon now prefer abbreviated UAP (Unrecognized aerial events)

Five months ago, a delegation called on the U.S. military to create a permanent inspection unit to document these incidents involving national security and counterterrorism officials.

Next Tuesday, House committee members will hold a public hearing on “unidentified flying events.” After years of isolated or secretive culture, our neighbors would ask two senior Pentagon officials, Ronald Moultry and Scott Bray. Congress has not seen this since 1969-70!

If we do not expect to confirm the arrival of visitors from another world, these visitors will be able to learn a little more about events that have long been ignored.

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