August 15, 2022

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Ukraine: Russia’s strategically defeated, senior British military say

Admiral Tony Radakin, commander of the British Defense Forces, said Russia had already “strategically lost” its war in Ukraine and would “never control” the country.

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“President Putin has used 25% of his military force to reap small regional gains,” the soldier was quoted as saying by the British agency PA on Friday.

“Any claim that this is a victory for Russia is meaningless. Russia is going to lose,” he said.

“He may have some tactical success in the next few weeks,” he admitted.

“But Russia has already failed strategically,” he said, stressing that “NATO is very powerful” and “Finland and Sweden are trying to join the system.”

According to him, Ukraine “will never control Ukraine”.

Nearly four months after the start of the Russian invasion, Radakin said, Vladimir Putin’s army would soon be “out of manpower and out of sophisticated missiles.”

The comments come as Q’s forces are in trouble in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine), with Ukraine continuing to demand “more heavy weapons” from its allies. On Tuesday, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malier said only about 10% of her country’s weapons were available.

“It will be tough for Ukraine, but it will be a long fight,” Radakin said.

Admiral also recalled Britain’s support for Ukraine, saying he was “ready for the long haul”.

London on Wednesday said it would “immediately” supply several guided rocket missile systems, known as GMLRS, to Ukraine, which would require these types of weapons rather than the range and accuracy of Russian artillery.

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“We also provide anti-tank weapons, and there are other components we provide that will continue,” he said. Radakin promised.

The United States on Wednesday announced $ 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, including additional artillery and bombs.