July 13, 2024

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“Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia”, says Biden in Warsaw | War in Ukraine

“Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia”, says Biden in Warsaw |  War in Ukraine

The US president’s visit to Eastern Europe was a response to a speech by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, who again blamed the West for the war in Ukraine.

The West is not plotting to attack RussiaJoe Biden responded in a speech at the State House in Warsaw.

When he launched the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the US president felt that Vladimir Putin had grossly underestimated the Ukrainian authorities and NATO’s ability to remain united.

A year ago, the whole world expected Kyiv to fall, he said. I can testify to this: Cave is strong, Cave is proud, Cave stands, and most importantly, Cave is free!

Joe Biden had earlier spoken with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, one of Ukraine’s most ardent supporters, and thanked him for his commitment. Your visit demonstrates America’s responsibility for global and European securityPolish President said.

I call on all European countries and all NATO members to show solidarity with Ukraine and provide military assistance to Ukraine. […] Don’t be afraid to offer that helphe added.

Poland, which shares a long border with Ukraine, serves as a backstop for arms transfers and has taken in more than 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees since the start of the conflict.

Washington insisted on engagement in Eastern Europe

Andrzej Duda’s foreign policy adviser says the two presidents should discuss strengthening NATO’s permanent presence in Poland as the country begins a forced modernization of its military, but neither leader has raised the issue publicly.

Joe Biden was successfully welcomed by Polish and Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. Some have called on him to do more to support Kyiv in the face of a Russian invasion, including unfurling a banner outside his hotel calling for “F-16s for Ukraine.” Washington refuses to provide fighter jets.

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Before returning to Washington on Wednesday, the US president will meet with the leaders of the “Bucharest Nine”, nine countries from the former communist bloc that joined NATO.

Most of these Eastern European countries – with the notable exception of Hungary – are strong supporters of supplying arms to Ukraine, which they see as a bulwark of their own security.

Washington on Monday announced $450 million in new military aid, including ammunition for Ukrainian artillery, anti-tank missiles and radars for anti-aircraft defense.

But beyond Ukraine, Lithuanian President Kitanas Nauseta will tell Joe Biden he wants Greater US involvement in NATO’s eastern flank in Europeone of his advisers told Lithuanian radio.

Lithuania and other countries have many requests regarding air defense systems, enhanced forward presence [de l’OTAN] and more investments in the defense sectorDid she say