September 27, 2022

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Under pressure, George Wee frees his relatives, who are admitted by the United States

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After Thunderbolt was suspended in Liberia on Tuesday, August 16, three senior officials were accused of corruption in the latest report. All three, including President George W. Via’s chief of staff, were sanctioned by the United States on Monday. Private interests have undermined democratic institutions in Liberia “. George Way, whose hobby is the fight against corruption, ended up cracking down.

On the Liberian government website, the President George Weah He said he was troubled by the US Treasury’s allegations, which isolated three of his closest associates Corruption facts. Notable senior officials identified: Chief of Staff to the President Nathaniel McGill, Attorney General Saima Sirenius Cebus and CEO of the National Ports Authority Bill Twewe.

George Way called the American accusations ” serious “. Thus, he was suspended with immediate effect » Three people mentioned that it is time to conduct an investigation before appointing their representatives in their place. For Liberian journalist Betty Mbayo, the head of state had no choice:

That’s not to say you have to fight corruption while your loved ones are caught in the act. This clearly raises questions about George Wee’s integrity. He now has the responsibility to show that he is sincere about his promises. »

In 2017, the year he was elected, President Wee made the fight against corruption his top priority. But since then, almost nothing has changed. While the Liberian opposition welcomes the suspension of three senior officials, analyst Ibrahim Al-Bakri Nye pleads for structural reforms:

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What is more at stake than sacking civil servants? It is a question of the capacity, integrity and independence of Liberian institutions. If a foreign government tells you that your government is corrupt and working for you, it means you are not running a functioning government. »

The US sanctions announced on Monday come a month after George Wway invited Washington to a summit of African heads of state to discuss the fight against corruption. The summit is scheduled to be held from December 13 to 15.