June 15, 2024

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United Kingdom | The incident in which 200 children died at the maternity hospital has caused fear

United Kingdom |  The incident in which 200 children died at the maternity hospital has caused fear

(London) The stubborn refusal to have caesareans, the lack of adequate care and the deaths of more than 200 children could have been avoided for two decades: the scale of the corruption that plagued the English maternity wards led the British government to pardon it. Wednesday.

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After five years of investigation, the report on the practices of Shrewsbury and Delford’s General Hospital Center, which manages many maternity wards in this rural part of the west of England, makes bad decisions.

He says 201 children could have survived if they had received better care at the institutions involved.

Nine mothers lost their lives due to abuse, while others were forced to give birth naturally while undergoing caesarean section.

“I’m sorry for all the families who were seriously affected,” British Health Minister Sajid Javid told reporters.

The report acknowledged that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

The 250-page report refers to the incidence of newborns with skull fractures, broken bones and brain problems due to lack of oxygen at birth.

“Significant or major” defects were also found in a quarter of the 498 cases of stillbirths examined. In 40% of cases, no inpatient examination is performed.

The hospital “failed to learn from the investigation (incidents), (from its mistakes),” Donna Okenton, who led the investigation, told a news conference.

Behind the complaints were Richard Stanton and Ryanon Davis, whose daughter Kate died within hours of being born in 2009. According to the report, Ms.Me Although many signs indicate that the unborn baby is not completely healthy, Davis was not monitored during childbirth.

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Kaylee Griffith, whose daughter Pippa died the day after she was born in 2016, was told by caregivers there were signs of concern, saying the hospital’s failures were a “shame”.

“It is important that maternity services across the country read this report and ask what families have done,” she told the British media.

Anti-caesarean policy

Ordered in 2017 and released on Wednesday morning, the report reported a high of 1,592 incidents between 2000 and 2019, with 1,486 families visiting the hospital team.

MP Jeremy Hunt, who initially appointed him to investigate 23 abuse cases, said the results of the investigation were “worse” than he had imagined.

According to the report, the hospital team, its director Louis Barnett apologized for prompting natural births to keep its surgical section rate as low as possible, seeking it only in very rare cases.

“For example when a baby is worried about the heartbeat they will try again and again until the baby is very bad (to avoid cesarean section). […] Because they said they wanted to reduce the C-segment ratio, ”an employee testified.

The ratio of surgical units performed at the hospital over the past twenty years was systematically 8 to 12 points above the English average, which the hospital welcomed.

“The team believed that its maternity service was good. They made a mistake, ”he saidMe Okenten.

According to National Health Service (NHS, British Health System) data, one in four births is by caesarean section in the United Kingdom.

Until 2017 the Midwives Association ended a campaign to promote ‘natural births’ without cesarean or epidurals, and earlier this year the NHS asked hospitals to stop using cesarean rates as their performance indicator.

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