June 24, 2024

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United States: A dangerous drug is denied if she becomes pregnant, even if she doesn’t want the baby

United States: A dangerous drug is denied if she becomes pregnant, even if she doesn’t want the baby

Another incredible story about the United States and abortion, this time a woman who was not even pregnant, in a state that protects this right, and initially wanted only a drug to relieve the terrible pain associated with chronic diseases.

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Tara Rule’s viral testimonial on TikTok has been viewed and featured more than 3 million times since September 14. Various American media We learned from yesterday.

Tara rules

Tiktok screenshot

Tara rules

In his video, M.me Fate alleges that a neurologist denied him the most effective medication to combat pain from chronic cluster headaches and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which would have exacerbated his existing comorbidities in the years to come.

Opposing the prescription of this treatment, the medical expert presents a different reason in a state like New York: it is a dangerous drug in case of pregnancy.

However, as according to the medical expert Tara Vidhi is of child bearing age, Ms.me Fate doesn’t want to have children.

On the radius of risks to the fetus, medical expert Mme This treatment is known to cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Several recordings of conversations between Tara Rule and her neurologist show that the latter expands her principles while maintaining her refusal to license the drug. He argues that Roe v. reversed. Wade would give him the right to refuse to prescribe the drug to Mrs.me Rules.

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Like Mme Mrs.me Ruler and his wife had no desire to conceive because the woman’s illnesses already prevented her from being able to conceive naturally.

Her husband said he was willing to undergo a vasectomy to prove that he too did not want to have children with his wife.

After a series of denials, Tara Rule, depressed and searching for answers, decided to come forward with her testimony.

Amidst her outcry, one thing stands out: Why are religious principles being held against health care in America?

“This is not a religious hospital, right? And I live in New York. I thought I’d be a little safer in New York, but no…were we really going to prioritize a hypothetical situation over my pain? He says in English in the video.

As the mid-term elections approach, the issue is particularly important, as the Supreme Court in Roe Vs. Wade legalized abortion at the federal level and Republican platform Proudly touting its desire to make it federally illegal.

While many women experience this same backlash (health providers refuse to provide care for reasons based on religion or law, because such and such a drug is dangerous to the conception of a child), this type of testimony shows that this problem is causing it. Not only affects red states (majorities that vote Republican).

Midterm elections to renew the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the US Senate will be held next November 8.