June 15, 2024

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US Ambassador to the UN war crimes against Russia!

US Ambassador to the UN war crimes against Russia!

This is a question that is asked every day, and we work with others [acteurs] Of the international community to document the crimes committed by the Russians against the Ukrainian peopleOn Thursday, the diplomat responded to a British public broadcaster, the BBC, by asking if Moscow was guilty from the outset. War crimes.

The bombing of hospitals, ambulances and schools, civilians and infrastructure are increasingly being targeted, and the failure to respect humanitarian corridors: accusations of war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin’s troops are mounting.

On Wednesday, for example, the Russian military shelled a children’s hospital in the besieged city of Mariupol. Causing three deaths, Including a young woman in the south of Ukraine, and provoked the anger of the international community. The strike, which was approved by Moscow, however, claimed that the hospital had served as a base for the Ukrainian battalion. Serious.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield at an emergency meeting of the Security Council on March 4, a week after Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Photo: Reuters / Carlo Allegri

Whether he unknowingly crossed the official US border or not, Ms. Thomas-Greenfield, a professional diplomat with decades of experience, is far ahead of the State Department and the administration of which she is a member.

Ms. Thomas-Greenfield is not only one of the most important faces in the State Department; President Joe Biden also elevated him to the cabinet.

These are war crimes. These are attacks on the public that cannot be justified in any way.

A quote Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the UN

I still see pictures of a pregnant woman, bleeding, being discharged from the hospital, people screaming, babies crying. This is slanderDid she say.

As it has done so far, the Biden administration, unlike other foreign leaders, continued its cautious tone on Thursday.

The truth is, we have seen credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians considered war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.State Department spokeswoman Netflix said at a news conference that it was “always using conditions” and echoed Secretary of State Anthony Blingen’s comments on Sunday.

When he visited Eastern Europe, he was there Met with Polish President Andrzej DudaVice President Kamala Harris condemned her role Atrocities Satisfied with the US support for the investigation into possible war crimes, it was done by Russia.

Of course, there has to be an investigation, which we should all be watching [la situation]He responded to a Polish journalist, noting that the United Nations had already begun the process of investigating the allegations.

Human Rights Council last weekUnited Nations Following the invasion of Russia’s neighbor Ukraine, a resolution was passed in support of the International Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights and Humanitarian Violations in Ukraine.

In his BBC interview, Thomas-Greenfield said he could not predict how Russia’s actions would be evaluated. The important thing is that we collect the resources and have them ready to useSaid.

Other countries have already decided. For example, EU diplomat Joseph Borel and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez condemned the move. War crimes After the Mariupol attack.

What we have already seen in the use of ammunition already thrown at innocent civilians since the rule of Vladimir Putin can, in my opinion, be considered a war crime.Prime Minister Boris Johnson was backed by the British Parliament last week.

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For example, the view shared by the President of Poland. It is clear to us that the Russians are committing war crimes in UkraineHe said with Kamala Harris.

A case before the ICC and other bodies

The manner in which Moscow conducts its attacks is at the crossroads of other national and international criminal authorities.

On March 2, six days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kareem Khan, a lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC), officially Announced the “immediate opening” of the trial About possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Moscow.

However, in his announcement, he spoke very casually Situation in UkraineRather than mentioning the name of Russia.

Its initiative is a state known for its neutrality following demands made by 39 member states within the jurisdiction of the Hague and the Netherlands, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Mr Khan mentioned Has identified reasonable grounds for believing that crimes have been committed within the jurisdiction of the court, and has identified plausible evidence.

German and Spanish courts have opened hearings on possible war crimes by Russian troops in accordance with global jurisdiction.

Human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented serious violations of Moscow’s war laws, including the use of cluster munitions, by the UN. Prohibited by the Conference ‘Oslo and Thermoparic Weapons Geneva Conference.

UN Human Rights Council At least 549 civilians were killed and at least 957 wounded in the Russian offensive, according to figures released today by the High Commission. However, the body warned that the actual number could be significantly higher.

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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says in its latest report that 2.3 million civilians have been displaced by the fighting in Ukraine. UNICEF says half of them are children.

The World Health Organization has confirmed 24 attacks on hospitals and other health targets.