June 17, 2024

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War in Ukraine | Washington says Ukraine does not need warplanes

War in Ukraine |  Washington says Ukraine does not need warplanes

(Washington) The United States said on Thursday that Ukraine does not really need warplanes to counter Russian attacks, but is considering providing more ground-level air defense systems.

Released at 4:53 p.m.

US State Department spokesman Netflix told reporters: “The main need for our Ukrainian allies right now is not aircraft.

“When we analyze the devastation wrought by the Kremlin in the regions of Ukraine, it is mainly by missiles,” rockets, “” artillery attacks, “he estimated. “Aircraft are not the best way to get rid of these weapons.”

According to Netflix, the Ukrainian military still has “multiple aircraft forces” in flight.

The “performance” of the Russian Air Force is defined by “ground-based air defense systems”, “surface-to-air missiles” or man-made systems – such as American-provided stingers.

“We will continue to provide ground-to-air systems for our Ukrainian partners,” he said, adding that “we can provide even more.”

On Wednesday, the United States flatly rejected Poland’s offer to hand over its Mig-29 aircraft to the U.S. military, considering Warsaw’s offer “dangerous” and provoking Russian expansion.

Washington has not completely ruled out the possibility of a NATO state providing warplanes to Kiev, but it will be its “sovereign end”, the spokesman stressed, indicating that the United States will not openly support it.

He recalled that US intelligence had warned against transferring flights from the Atlantic to Ukraine because it could be seen as an “escalation” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, leading to a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.

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