November 29, 2023

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War in Ukraine | Random campaign

The military operation launched by Russia in Ukraine from midnight on Wednesday to Thursday took place on land, sea and air. In this unequal campaign, Russia has military resources, both human and material, far superior to Ukraine. Overview of the forces involved.

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Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

61.7 billion

Photo Reuters

Russian military armored vehicle patrolling a street in the northern Crimea’s Armensk on Thursday

According to a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), by 2020, Russia’s military spending will be ten times higher than Ukraine’s. Russia has allocated $ 61.7 billion in military spending against its Ukrainian neighbors, against $ 5.9 billion. In terms of gross domestic product (GDP), the numbers are approximately equal to just 4%.

Russian military in the world powers

Photo by Anatoly Stefanov, France-Press Agency

Ukrainian troops are preparing to repel an attack in the Lukansk region on Thursday by Russian-backed separatists.

Although military spending is one of the largest national security budgets in the world, it is only a fraction of that. According to Global Firefighter, Russia’s national security budget (including all spending, including pensions) is US $ 154 billion. He arrives at 3 p.m.And It lags behind China (250 billion) and the United States (770 billion). Ukraine is in the 20thAnd Ranked at $ 11.9 billion budget.

Aging Ukrainian military equipment

Photo by Sergey Grits, Associated Press

Following the Russian shelling on Thursday, speed cameras were damaged at a military installation outside Mariupol, Ukraine.

Basically local, Russia’s military equipment is very different from Ukraine’s. A few years ago, Russia undertook its modernization, for example T-14 Armata tanks and 59N6-TE radars capable of detecting hypersonic targets. According to the CIA’s World Truth Book, Ukrainian equipment is aging. Improvements in recent years have contributed in part to $ 14 billion in NATO assistance.

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Since 2014, assistance to Ukraine

Photo by Daniel Leal, France-Press Agency

Ukrainian troops stand guard in northern Kiev on Thursday

The NATO aid was set up following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s southern peninsula Crimea in February and March 2014. Since 2014, US military aid to Ukraine has reached $ 2.5 billion. We read on the Global Affairs Canada website that since 2014, Canada has provided more than $ 890 million in “multifaceted assistance” to Ukraine. “Support for the defense sector in Ukraine and security reform are an important part of our cooperation,” it said.


Photography company France-Press

Russian military vehicles move in the Rostov region of southern Russia on Thursday

In general, the Russian army has an estimated 850,000 to 900,000 active fighters, while there are about 200,000 Ukrainians. Within days of the Russian invasion, about 190,000 Russian troops were on the border with Ukraine, unheard of in Europe since the end of World War II. Tuesday 1Er In February, Ukraine announced that it would increase the manpower of the military by 100,000 in three years.

12,420 Russian tanks against 2,596 Ukrainians

Photo Archives Associated Press

Russian tank during a military exercise in the St. Petersburg region on February 14

Some statistics taken from the Global Firepower website speak to the imbalance of existing forces. 12,420 Russian tanks against 2,596 Ukrainians, 14,000 artillery pieces just over 3,000, 544 attack helicopters against 34 Ukrainians only. In water, Russian domination is complete. According to security reports, the Russians captured 75% of the Ukrainian navy following the invasion of Crimea. Ukraine also lost its naval base in Sevastopol. We had to rebuild anew.

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