June 17, 2024

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What are the symptoms of Govit-19 caused by Omigron variant?

Cases caused by Govit-19 disease Variation Omicron Is constantly increasing at an astounding pace in Quebec. Recent studies have shown that the symptoms associated with this variant are very similar to the symptoms of previous strains with some details. Uncertainty still hangs in its balance; Meanwhile, experts say it is better to pay attention to the small signal from the body.

So the most common symptoms are: sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, headache, general muscle aches and severe fatigue.

During the first waves of COVID-19, loss of smell and taste was a sign of disease, With 48% of patients Who announced it. However, a difference from this ratio to Omicron is beginning to emerge Will be less now, According to a study conducted in Norway, but generalized on a much smaller scale.

The new Omigron variant, a big difference from Delta, affects even those who are fully vaccinated. Patients are often exposed to the immune system, which “definitely affects the symptoms,” says virologist Benoit Barbie.

However, it is “highly contagious”, reminiscent of D for its partRe Carolyn Quach-Than.

The incubation period of the virus is also short. The microbiologist-infectious disease specialist at St. Justin’s University Hospital Center continues that the symptoms “come very quickly”.

The incubation period is the time between the onset of the virus and the onset of the first symptoms.Less than three days, According to some studies. “The virus load is very high because our quick tests detect infection in the first few days,” said Dr.Re Kwach-tan.

“So even a small itch will prevent you from going out to dinner or being around people at high risk,” he insists.

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According to the experience of South African physicians who first discovered this variant, another symptom that may be added to the previous list is night sweats. For now, however, no major research has confirmed or denied this link with Omicron.

There is no definitive data yet indicating the possibility of more or less occurrence of the Omicron variant Long-term Govt In the affected population. It is even more difficult to understand at this point Whether or not vaccines protect Against the form of the disease it causes.

what to do ?

The first symptoms, if they are mild, are difficult to distinguish from a simple cold, both experts agree.

This is the result of South Africa’s largest private health insurance, Who published their data Last week, as well A study based on actual events Observed in London. Post-writer Tim Spector calls on governments to change their message: “We need to educate people, go back to the basics and tell them it’s better to stay away from others if they have flu – like symptoms.”

The first thing to do is to isolate yourself and do a test, Mr. Barbie recalled. “Isolate yourself even if your rapid test is negative and you experience these symptoms,” suggests this professor at UQAM.

As screening centers overflow, public health officials From Montreal And the province first asks for the Rapid Home Test.

If you do not have a quick test, your best bet Make an appointment at the screening center, Or if not, try your luck at the Walk-in Clinic.

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Risks of hospital enrichment

Although Omigron appears now Slightly less malignant than the delta variant, The most recent predictions provided by the National Institutes of Health (INSPQ) in Quebec Do not exclude exaggeration Health system efficiency.

“While you may not think Omigron is ‘worse’ than Delta, the size of the affected world is causing the problem.Re Carolyn Quach-Than.

“There must be a certain amount of cases to establish whether there is a statistically significant decrease in the severity of symptoms in our own population,” says Benoit Barbeau.

However, the researcher is optimistic: “We will soon have a better understanding of when and how to use booster doses. [de vaccin] A variety of treatments and possible interventions to better implement symptoms and hospitalization. “

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