July 21, 2024

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“World War III has already begun,” says a cytomer resident

“World War III has already begun,” says a cytomer resident

Jackie Lepas, a documentary filmmaker of French descent who has lived in Ukraine for many years, chose to stay in the village of Cytomir, two hours west of Kiev.

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If he is in France for a few days to give lectures on the situation in Ukraine, he wants to return home quickly.

“I hope we can not deny it today. This Third World War has already arrived in our wallets and in all countries of the world,” he explained in an interview with documentary maker Mario Dumont.

He sees many small countries around Ukraine preparing for the worst.

“This tyrannical invasion is sweeping north of Moldavia … In Lithuania, in Estonia, men are making trenches in the ground. They are preparing for an invasion and everyone fears that this megalomaniac will still be greedy, ”he explains.

After touching these countries, Mr. said Russia would occupy Poland, a member of NATO since 1999. Lepas fears that this will really trigger World War III.

Mr. Lepas acknowledges that he is not an expert in international politics, but says he wants to speak out on behalf of the Ukrainian people, who, despite the end of the war, will not be able to live a normal life for long.

He specifically states that people no longer have the right to go frequently to the forests cut down by the Russians, which is 3 to 5 years.

“These are people who live in nature, where they have been lost for 5 years. This war will mark their daily lives. The public is paying a very high price today.

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