July 14, 2024

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Abortion rights: “What you did was horrible” – Joe Biden

Abortion rights: “What you did was horrible” – Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden on Thursday criticized Donald Trump for his “terrible” stance against abortion rights during the first US presidential debate.

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“It’s a terrible thing, what you’ve done,” the Democratic leader told his Republican opponent during a face-to-face meeting in Atlanta.

The US Supreme Court, profoundly overhauled by former presidents, ruled in June 2022 in the famous Roe v. Abolished the Judiciary. Guaranteeing American women’s federal right to abortion, Wade gave each state the freedom to legislate on the issue.

About twenty US states have adopted bans or restrictions on abortion.

Joe Biden has argued that Donald Trump would be willing to pass legislation that would ban abortion nationally or restrict it to “six, seven, eight or ten weeks” of pregnancy if passed by a future Republican Congress.

Donald Trump advocated that the question should now come to the states: “It’s the people’s vote,” he said.

I believe there are exceptions for “rape, sex” and “danger to mother’s life”. “I think that’s really important. Some people don’t, just follow your heart.

Asked about the abortion pill issue, the former president also said he would “not stop” it

Watch the exchange between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the video above

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