July 14, 2024

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Here’s why Michelle Obama refuses to publicly endorse Joe Biden

Here’s why Michelle Obama refuses to publicly endorse Joe Biden

Michelle Obama, who did not attend Joe Biden’s campaign, would be at odds with the current Democratic president’s family, two sources told Axios.

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The former first lady of the United States is said to be frustrated by the behavior of the Biden clan towards her close friend, Kathleen Buhle, ex-wife of the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

Michelle and Kathleen became best friends during Barack Obama’s presidency. They regularly trained together and often saw each other at the White House.

Buhle and Hunter divorced in 2017, and details of their stormy split resurfaced earlier this month when she testified at her ex-husband’s trial for illegal gun possession.

However, during the trial, members of the Biden family blamed Hunter for some of his alleged actions against his ex-wife.

Michelle Obama privately said the Biden family had wronged her friend, who had to live with Hunter Biden’s consumption issues and infidelity.

According to people close to the Biden and Obama families, the former first lady has been reluctant to endorse Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign. He did so because of pressure from the Democratic Party.

Representatives of the current US president assure that the bond between the two families is still strong.

Two sources who spoke to Axios confirm that relations between the two clans have deteriorated since 2015, when Joe Biden was considering launching a presidential run; Barack Obama would not have been supportive.

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Today, Barack Obama has been spotted at several fundraisers for Joe Biden’s campaign, but never accompanied by his wife.

A representative for Michelle Obama said she is still friends with Kathleen Buhle and the Bidens, adding that the former first lady supported the campaigns of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.