July 23, 2024

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After 14 rounds of voting, the US House of Representatives still has no president

After 14 rounds of voting, the US House of Representatives still has no president

After 14 rounds of voting, the deadlock persists. As in the previous round, the elected California House of Representatives was two votes short of passing the 218-vote threshold.

We will go ahead and surprise youHowever Mr. McCarthy began the day before by entering the House of Representatives compound.

For four days, her election has been blocked by Republicans loyal to former President Donald Trump, who still opposes her nomination, although she has floated several proposals, including giving her opponents more influence over bills voted on.

These are irreducible Freedom Caucus (Freedom Caucus, in French), a far-right parliamentary group, accuses him of being too moderate.

Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives in November’s midterm elections and won 222 of the 435 seats.

Kevin McCarthy finds his way blocked by radical members of the Republican caucus.

Photo: Associated Press/J. Scott Applewhite

Usually only a few hours can stretch into several weeks: in 1856, elected members of Congress agreed only after two months and 133 turns.

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This prohibition has very concrete consequences: without the Speaker of the Chamber, elected officials cannot be sworn in and therefore cannot pass any bills. But the 434 members of the House of Representatives, the spectacle of this singularity, continue to vote until a president is elected.

Mr. The impatience is palpable among Republicans who heavily support McCarthy’s candidacy, leading to heated debates. Many of them walked out of the Half-Cycle on Friday in protest during a speech by Matt Getz, one of the elected leaders of the Trumpist rebellion.

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It was an opportunity to expose Mr Trump’s loyalists – many of whom still refuse to concede defeat in 2020 – to Democrats in the Republican Party, two years after his supporters attacked his congressional headquarters.

The mess in the House of Representatives is another example of what a radical edge looks like. […] Prevents them from rulingSenate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer promised.

Interior view of the US House of Representatives.

Elected officials in the US House of Representatives for the election of “Speaker”.

Photo: Associated Press/Andrew Hornick

In the Democratic Party, we’re as busy as we can be, as all elected officials emphasize the divisions of the Republican Party a little more with every vote. Joe Biden’s party may be rallying around its leader, Hakeem Jeffries, but that camp doesn’t have enough votes to end the deadlock either.

As a Republican staff member for more than 10 years, the elected official currently has no credible challenger. Chairman Steve Scalise’s name has been circulating as the only other possible option, and his chances aren’t serious.