April 14, 2024

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Prince Harry ‘not very psychologically stable’

Prince Harry ‘not very psychologically stable’

By publishing a new memoir containing several disturbing revelations about the royal family, Prince Harry is showing he wants validation, a monarchy expert believes.

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“He’s not very stable psychologically, real psychiatrists can tell, and it started with his mother’s death,” James Jackson, a historian and expert on the monarchy, told TVA Nouvelles.

The latter explains that Prince Harry lost the “substitute” role when Prince George was born and now feels rejected.

“The alternative is more favorable than, say, a disposable spare tire. Because now he can be thrown away, and he feels rejected by his family. So he keeps saying, here I am, I count for something,” says Jackson.

A monarchy expert believes the surge of shocking revelations about the royal family after recent interviews with the prince and his wife Meghan, the airing of the Netflix documentary and the upcoming release of these memoirs is “painful for everyone”.

“In the beginning, we were interested, we were passengers, I believe, but it becomes very awkward and sometimes very perverse. Do we really want to know all the wrongs that were done between two brothers? It becomes too much,” says James Jackson.

However, he is of the opinion that these revelations will never cease.

“Because what else can he do? In fact, he will say for the rest of his life: Well, I count on something,” he analyzes.

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