July 2, 2022

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Children under the age of five will be vaccinated

Pfizer and BioNTech announced this week that their anti-Govt vaccine will be 80% effective after three doses for children aged six months to five, after a study of 1,680 children in four countries. Experts speak.

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Why vaccinate young children and why now?

There are 421,000 children under the age of five in Quebec and they have so far escaped vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of Govt-19. Pharmaceutical companies in this population have been conducting research for several months on two doses of 3 micrograms (10 times less than the adult dose), and submitted an application for approval to the FDA, the US agency responsible last February. Realizing that the successes were not enough, he told her to do new tests with three doses. The results released this week are encouraging enough to guarantee a new application, but the US pharmaceutical company has not yet approved it. Other countries should follow suit soon.

When are young children vaccinated in Canada?

Health Canada confirms that the vaccine for children under the age of five has not been submitted for vaccination approval as is the case in the United States. “Drugs related to COVID-19 benefit from special treatment and delays. I hope to be able to vaccinate children between the ages of six months and two years by the fall of 2022, ”said Benoit – professor of biology and virology at the University of Quebec, Montreal.

What will change?

Due to the activity of the immune system, young children are generally less susceptible to viral infections. Medical complications found with immune disorders or comorbidities, Benoit Barbeau points out. Also, for reasons not fully explained, it seems that young children are not very responsible for the spread of the virus. After all, the expert believes that we should not do without a vaccine like vaccine. “We are at the end of the sixth wave of COVID-19, and if the epidemic experiences a new renaissance we must put on our side all chances of preventing it. ⁇