June 20, 2024

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Exchange with Putin: Macron thinks “the worst is yet to come.”

(Paris) After Emmanuel Macron exchanged with Vladimir Putin that “the worst is yet to come” in Ukraine, he expressed “his greatest determination” to continue his offensive, the whole purpose of which was to “control” the country, according to Élysée.

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During a telephone conversation at 1.30 pm, the Russian president told his French envoy that Russian military action was developing “according to plan” by Moscow and that it would “get worse” if the Ukrainians did not comply with his terms. . “What the President (Macron) expects is that if President Bowden gives him what he says he will not get worse,” Elysee said.

Vladimir Putin took the initiative for this exchange for the third time since the invasion of February 24, to “inform” Emmanuel Macron of “the situation and his motives” within the framework of open dialogue between them. The president underlined the post.

To the chief’s accusations against the Ukrainians, the French “responded to him that he was committing a grave wrong in the Ukrainian regime”, which was “not Nazi”. “You’ll tell yourself stories, you’re looking for excuses,” he told her.

“This interview was able to come back to disagreements and tell President Putin the truth,” but “unfortunately” was able to refer to “his determination to continue military action until the end.” “The Ukrainians are fighting bravely. Nothing is certain, but the balance of power is very proportionate,” Elysee said, underscoring Emmanuel Macron’s “distrust” at the end of the debate.

The presidency reaffirmed that “we are going to tighten sanctions” against Russia, which it considers “the most powerful tool we can see in the collapse of the ruble.”

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Paris considers China’s decision to withdraw from the UN, which was accepted by a majority of people, to be “very important” by the resolution calling for an “immediate” withdrawal of troops against Ukraine. Elysee said he was interested in “China provided its mediation” and “in contact with the authorities” from Beijing.