June 15, 2024

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Some dictators support Russia

Four countries backed Russia yesterday against a UN General Assembly resolution calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

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Unlike the other 141 countries that voted to end the invasion, Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria supported Vladimir Putin.

Political scientist Loik Days points out that these places are “dictatorial countries in debt to Russia or trying to snatch something from Russia.”

One would have expected many states to do this, says the columnist. Therefore, Iran, especially in its negotiations on its nuclear program with Russia, abstained from voting, and Iraq and China adopted the same position. Saudi Arabia and Israel have vowed to end the war in Ukraine.

After more than two days of intervention in the United Nations, the resolution called on Moscow to “immediately, fully and unconditionally withdraw all its troops from Ukraine” and “condemns Russia’s decision to alert its nuclear forces.”

Led by Ukraine and led by the European Union, the speech “strongly condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine” and affirms “its commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of that country, including its territorial waters.” “.

“The message of the General Assembly is loud and clear,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told reporters. End hostility in Ukraine – now. Open the door to dialogue and diplomacy – now. ⁇

Historically significant ballot

For Joseph Bohr, the head of European diplomacy, the outcome of the referendum was “historic.” This is a view shared by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said that “the difference between good and evil was very significant”.

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The resolution, entitled “Occupation Against Ukraine”, calls for unrestricted access to humanitarian aid, while the Security Council is embroiled in a heated debate over the Franco-Mexican draft resolution.

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5 countries that voted Against the decision of the appellant To the strength of Russia

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USA-Unga-votes on resolution to isolate Russia over Ukraine-occupation

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