April 24, 2024

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Extreme weather in the US: California freezes while Texas burns

Extreme weather in the US: California freezes while Texas burns

A major snowstorm has battered the US West, while Texas has been the scene of powerful wildfires since Thursday.

Parts of California and Nevada have been experiencing blizzard conditions since Thursday, which could continue into the early part of the week, the National Weather Service said.

The blizzard was particularly severe in Nevada's Sierra Mountains, where major roads and ski resorts were closed and winds gusted to 305 km/h. Additionally, tens of thousands of homes were left without power, PowerOutage.US reported.

Up to three meters of snow is expected in these mountains between Thursday and Sunday, raising serious safety concerns, according to National Weather Service meteorologists, BBC News reported Saturday.

About 1,200 miles from that blizzard, flames have ravaged more than a million acres in Texas since Thursday, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

At least two people have died this week. Firefighters have struggled to put out fires in recent days due to the extreme weather conditions Texans have been experiencing.

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