July 18, 2024

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Republican primaries: Trump wins two new states

Republican primaries: Trump wins two new states

Donald Trump won the Republican primary in two new US states, Missouri and Michigan, on Saturday, moving a little closer to a presidential bid in November, according to media reports.

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In Missouri, the Republican billionaire crushed challenger Nikki Haley, winning every seat in the state, according to the New York Times. And in Michigan, Trump won 39 elected delegates during a rally that drew about 2,000 activists, CNN reported. The previous week, the former president had already won Michigan's remaining 16 delegates, which were decided in a primary.

Republicans in a third state, Idaho, also voted Saturday to nominate their nominee, but the outcome was not immediately announced.

Ballots held in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho were hybrid internal elections with different rules, in some cases reflecting dissent and tension despite Donald Trump's influence.

The former president has won all the primaries held so far. His new victories on Saturday came three days before “Super Tuesday” on March 5, a crucial gathering in which 15 states hold their Democratic and Republican primaries simultaneously. Democratic President Joe Biden and Donald Trump are almost certain to be nominated by their respective parties.

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