July 20, 2024

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Jacob Flickinger: A Quebec father was killed in Gaza during an Israeli attack

Jacob Flickinger: A Quebec father was killed in Gaza during an Israeli attack

One of the seven humanitarian workers tragically killed in an Israeli missile strike in Gaza was a Quebecer who grew up in the Buyus region and gave birth to a son. Newspaper.

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“He was a very happy person in life and always ready to help others. He was always in solution mode when faced with problems. He helped everyone around him, all the time,” Jonathan Duguay testified passionately about his friend Jacob Flickinger.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Duguay

The latter was killed in cold blood on Monday while volunteering for humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen (WCK). Mr. Flickinger, 33, had been distributing food to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since early March.

Jonathan Duguay (left) and Jacob Flickinger during a humanitarian mission for the World Central Kitchen Organization in Mexico in November 2023.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Duguay

His death and that of six volunteers of his humanitarian organization shocked the world. Note that the Israeli military admitted to a “serious error” after its airstrikes yesterday.

A car used by World Central Kitchen, an American humanitarian organization hit by an Israeli strike on April 2, 2024. It is believed that Quebecer died during this tragedy.


“We know that there were three strikes on their vehicles. I have no further details. I was in Cyprus during this assignment [pour acheminer de l’aide à Gaza par bateau] And I heard the news at 3 am. “I quickly flew back to Quebec to help his family,” said Mr. Duguay said.

“All that is left of my son's body, his lower body, his legs and his feet, are currently in Egypt and will soon be returned to Quebec,” said Sylvie Labrecque, the deceased's mother. TVA Nouvelles.

“I hope it means something,” she added, hoping her son's career won't go “under the radar”.

A brave soldier

Jacob Flickinger, a dual American and Canadian citizen, has been in the news since the tragedy.

Mr. According to Duguay, Quebecer grew up in the municipality of Saint-Georges en Beaux. He then lived in Stoneham and recently moved out of the country with his family.

Jacob Flickinger, his wife Sandy and their one-year-old son.

Screenshot of the website www.gofundme.com

“We both served in the Canadian Army and we went to serve together in Afghanistan,” said Mr. Duguay said. That's how we first got to know each other. »

A member of the Royal 22nd Regiment, Mr. Flickinger, therefore, would have brought his military expertise to bear on his humanitarian work.

A Quebecer surrounded by children during a humanitarian mission in Mexico in November 2023.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Duguay

“I was the one who convinced him to join the World Central Kitchen Organisation. This is his second humanitarian mission, he also did one in Acapulco, Mexico in November 2023,” Jonathan Duguay underlined.

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“My son, Jacob, […] He died doing what he loved and serving others through his work,” his father, John Flickinger, also said on Facebook.

Help for son and wife

The 33-year-old father's death disrupted the lives of his loved ones, but especially his wife Sandy and his one-year-old son.


“He was the one who brought the money home and his wife is now alone without a job. We wanted to help her,” added Mr. Duguay.

A crowdfunding campaign to support the estranged family of a Quebecer who died in Gaza this week.

Screenshot of the website www.gofundme.com

So he initiated
To the bereaved family. As of Wednesday evening, more than $48,000 had been raised.

“Our goal is to ensure a future for a son who no longer has a father,” concludes Jonathan Duguay, recalling the generosity of Jacob Flickinger, who was willing to take all risks, even in death. .


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