May 21, 2024

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Now: Hurricane Ian ravages Florida

Now: Hurricane Ian ravages Florida

Ian hits the floor

At 3:05 p.m., Hurricane Ian officially made landfall in Florida. The storm hit Cayo Costa with a Category 4 intensity and sustained winds of 240 km/h. Its surface pressure is 940 MPa. Although the cyclone will decrease in intensity over the next few hours, it will cause significant damage. It currently affects a good portion of Florida considering its size.

A flood

Heavy rain is expected from the Keys to northern Florida. The Carolinas could also receive significant amounts of rain. Up to 500 millimeters is expected. Such accumulations can cause floods, flash floods and landslides.


Twice instead of once

Ian’s path will take him back into the Atlantic. After dumping large amounts of rain, the storm is expected to move toward the Carolinas. However, the intensity of the wind will decrease. In the worst-case scenario, models don’t predict the storm will affect Quebec, except for a cloudburst this weekend.


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